My Week In Images

This thrift store skirt.....

because if you know me, you know I am not a shopper, but I do love a good deal.

This pesto.....

which I froze for Pesto Turkey Sandwiches next week.

This lime tree....

because it is such a blessing to have it.

This itty bitty lizard.....

because I am a sucker for my girls and the things they find outside.

My dining room table.....

because the days when it is covered with play cars is numbered.


  1. What a neat week! I like the skirt. ;-)

  2. I loved this whole thing, but this part put tears in my eyes,
    "...the days when it is covered with play cars is numbered" because I tell myself the same thing already.

  3. Oh Melissa, I wish I could tell you that it slows down, but instead it feels like it is flying by. I try to cherish every moment, and when I am sad for my babies not being babies anymore, I think of being a Grandma. :-)


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