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One of the many reasons that we decided to homeschool was to give our kids the sense of family togetherness. To not separate them into age-segregated classes, but to do some of our learning together as a family. This can be tricky with four children, ranging from 2nd grade to 10 grade. Enter Circle Time.

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Written by Kendra Fletcher, Circle Time is a helpful tool in implementing family learning into your homeschooling schedule. Mrs. Fletcher, who has 8 beautiful children and blogs at Preschoolers and Peace, knows a lot about teaching children of multiple ages.

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Circle Time is that time during your homeschooling day, when you deliberately meet to learn together. The list of things you can do during this time are endless; many of which are described in the Circle Time e-book. They include:

  • Bible/Prayer
  • Memorization
  • Art of the Day
  • History
  • Science/Nature Study
  • Geography/Mapwork
  • Singing
  • Literature

As you can see, the list of things you can do together is endless. Some of Mrs. Fletcher's ideas are forming memory boxes, memory binders, and prayer boxes. She gives helpful hints for keeping those younger ones occupied, and other tips for getting the older children more interested. There are sample schedules, questions from other moms, and helpful ideas from moms who have been implementing Circle Time. At the end of the e-book she has a resource page, and some printouts to help organize your very own Circle Time.

The 33 page e-book is helpful for any homeschooler and can be used from preschoolers up through high school. You can purchase Circle Time in a pdf download for $4.99.

After I read through the e-book, I realized that our family was already doing this, in what I call Together Time. Which is fine, as Mrs. Fletcher actually suggests changing the name of  Circle Time to something more fitting for your family. We gather each school morning, to pray, do Bible, and read literature. The complete title of this product is Circle Time: Plan the BEST Part of Your Day; which is what this time slot really is. It is the best time; when we can all be together to discuss, pray, learn, and talk about our day.

Reading Circle Time was refreshing to me for a couple of reasons: As I go into next year with a junior in high school (!) I am tempted to excuse him from our daily gathering. But in reading it I was reminded that he is still a part of our homeschooling journey, and needs to still participate when we meet together. The discussions we have during that time are invaluable, and I want my older children to be a part of it too. I was also convicted to re-evaluate our current Together Time. There are some great sample schedules in Circle Time that inspired me to add art history, singing, and to begin a memorization schedule.

So please hop on over to Preschoolers and Peace and check out this wonderful resource. You can also see what other members of The Crew thought of this helpful product.

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