California Delta

This past weekend we went to the Delta.

My friend's Aunt lives right on the levy, and she graciously invited us and another family to come play for the weekend.

When our three families get together, there are 20 kids running around.

Literally, right outside their back door, is the dock to the water. And what is very cool is that they have not one but two diving boards. One is a high dive, at about 10 feet.

There was lots of this going on.

Bookworm's turn....

Fearless Nutsy had to have a go...

Hmmm, it is a bit high...

"Mama, should I jump?"

Here she is telling off all of the spectators because they kept counting down for her.

She was only up there about 4 minutes and finally jumped.

And this crazy girl jumped from the high dive...are you ready? 

29 MORE TIMES. (She went for an even 30)

The shorter diving board is more springy and is perfect for flips into the water.

There was jet is my friend and I on a wild ride.

And Bookworm did the crazy ride; jumping wake and flying high.

There was tubing...

With crazy bumping....

And eventually this happening.

There was wakeboarding that happened...this is the extent of the photos of our family and thankfully none of me crashing. (My ribs are still hurting.)

There was volleyball...

Night games.... (including a massive Capture the Flag game)

and yummy food.

We saved the best for last and on our last day, set up the Giant Slip And Slide.

This thing was huge; the photos actually don't give any sense as to the speed we got (especially the older ones) going down that thing.

The bigger people would go passed the end of the tarp and go through about 10 feet of grass and mud....we were all a mess.

The moms went down a few times...

And My Sweetie had fun going down too.

The kids would all race down....

...and end up in a pile at the bottom.

If you are friends with me on Facebook you can see a few videos of it on my homepage.

I am so thankful for generous friends who invite us to such a fun place! Thank you for sharing your lovely vacation with us.

And now Summer is pretty much over; we start school up next Tuesday.

Goodbye, summer.


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