To My Daughter....8 Years Ago Today

8 years ago yesterday, I went over to the doctors office for a non-stress test. I had been going in twice a week to do this; basically I would just sit there and they would strap those monitor things on my tummy and we would listen to your heart beat for a while and see if I was contracting.

You were not due for another 6 weeks, but we knew you were going to be early.

8 years ago yesterday, I was having pretty regular contractions. So they sent me home to get ready to go to the hospital.

All that night in my hospital bed, I was contracting. They were kind of trying to stop it, but we all knew that you were big enough to do well on the outside. And there was concern that my uterus could rupture, so they didn't do anything drastic.

8 years ago today, at 7:30 in the morning, they decided to do a C-Section. Because of your siblings births and all the complications I had had, they decided to have me deliver in the main operating room and to make me go completely asleep.

I remember trying to give one of the nurses my small camera to take some pictures, but they wouldn't do it.

8 years ago today I woke up, and didn't know yet if you were a boy or a girl. Daddy was staying with you in the NICU, so it was a nurse who told me that my baby girl was doing fine.

You were my biggest baby, and weighed 4 pounds 8 ounces.

I was so happy that you were healthy! You did have a little trouble sucking and breathing at the same time, so that is why you had that little tube going up your nose.

I went home a few days later, but you stayed in the NICU another 10 days because you had some jaundice and needed help eating.

Our first family-of-six photo.

We came to visit you every day; I would work on nursing you, and Daddy and I would change your diaper. We had to take turns going in to visit you; your brother was the only one old enough to come in the NICU.

On July 28th, you were ready to leave the hospital.

And we were so ready for you to be home.

8 years goes so stinkin' fast, little one.

And you'll forever be my little one, no matter how big you get.

Happy Birthday, Nusty.
May you continue to grow in grace and humility, compassion and wisdom, ever continuing to remember Christ and His saving work.


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