Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I can't believe State Fair is upon us once again. This Wednesday through Sunday, we'll be competing in rabbits and checking out all the fun exhibits at Cal Expo.

What we're learning: We are really pushing the rabbit knowledge questions and avian bowl information; the following week the two older kids are competing in both the Orange County and State Fair Avian Bowls. Did you know you are not supposed to call eggs hard-boiled, but hard-cooked?

What's cooking: This week we are going easy with food, so one night I'm making a chicken stir fry, another grilled cheese sandwiches, and I'm bringing in snacky-stuff for the fair.

What I'm thankful for: I am thankful that the little heat wave we had last week is over, and that the temps at the fair this week will be in the mid 90's. Very tolerable, if you ask me.

What I'm creating: I am writing a review about a fun online history/archaeology game. Watch for it very soon....

What I'm praying: That I would remember to encourage and lift up my kids. So many times I focus on the sinful things they are doing and forget to reassure them that God is still sanctifying and working His perfect plan through them.

What I'm planning: Well, as a family we are talking about some big changes in 4H next year. So we're looking into different options, weighing the cost and time, and seeing what direction is the best way to go.

What we did this last weekend: We spent the fourth at home, playing games with the kids and swimming. That night we went to our neighborhood's block party for fireworks. Then the next day we went up to our friends to spend the night. We had fun fellowshipping with swimming, volleyball, and good food. Sunday was church and our monthly fellowship meal.

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to State Fair; it is more laid back and not as crazy as county fair, and the exhibits are usually pretty cool.

Pictures to share:

~Fireworks in the street

~Night swimming at our friend's house


  1. Great photos! I didn't know the egg reference. It makes sense if you bake them (as I have successfully done not that long ago as they are cooked hard.) However, if you boil them, they should still be called hard-boiled! :D

    So says I...

  2. Lol, Kate! And yes, you can bake them too. Funny how to some people the words make such a difference. Thanks for yesterday, my friend. XOXO


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