A Crew Review: Dig-It Games Mayan Mysteries

We officially finished our school year last week. Some of my kiddos though, had finished a few of their subjects early, so when this fun computer mystery game came up for review last month, I asked to try it out.

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What It Is:

Dig-It Games is an online game, that combines history, archaeology, and geography in an enjoyable and fun format. The author, Suzi Wilczynski, is herself an archaeologist, and has worked at digs in Greece and Israel. She created the game to give children a fun and interactive way to learn more about archaeology and ancient civilizations.

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In Mayan Mystery Online Game, as part of a team, your child will try to solve the mystery of a lost Mayan city. To find clues, they will excavate artifacts, complete mapping activities, and do puzzles. In between the games are short fun facts paragraphs with appropriate questions in a quiz-type format. Through all the games and activities they are earning points and uncovering more artifacts. The home page of the game shows their progress and what level they are on.

What You Get:

For $21.99, you will get access to a single user account. But that doesn't mean that more than one child can't play. After one child has finished the game, you can begin again with another child. You can play a demo of the game here, which gives you a good idea about some of the activities and games in the program.

This game is meant for children ages 11 and up; there are references to human sacrifices and Mayan warfare, but nothing that is offensive. You can also purchase a single user access for an iPad App for $9.99.

How We Used This and What We Thought:

Bookworm had finished a few of her subjects early this year, so I gave the game to her to complete. She enjoyed playing the games; especially the mapwork and excavating games. In one of the games, she has to use clues to figure out which artifact was being described.


She really enjoyed this game below, where you had to chose a tool to excavate an artifact. She had to be careful, or else the tool might be too rough and could damage the object.

These paragraphs had lots of good information in them; I appreciated that she could click on one of the underlined words and see a definition of the word and more information pertaining to the concept or object.

She spent about a half hour a day on this and finished it in a couple of weeks. The ending was a bit of a disappointment; the game doesn't end and you don't actually find the lost city, but instead you are invited to purchase the second half, Mayan Mysteries 2, which is soon to be released.

I did have Mr. Lego start working on the game after Bookworm finished. He got about halfway through and was enjoying it for the most part; he found the quizzes and fact paragraphs a bit tedious.

I would recommend this as a fun way to keep up your schooling through the summer, or to add to your ancient study of history. Bookwork did feel that she learned more about the Mayan culture and present day archaeology and eagerly got on each day to play.

There were other members of the Crew that reviewed the online version and the iPad App; check out what they thought by clicking below.


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