Thoughts On Summer

Today is the first day of summer. We still have two more weeks of school and then we will finally be on vacation.

As I read through different blog post this last week, I was impressed with the organization and plans people make for their kids in the summer.

Cousin's Camp, art days, fun field trips, summer cooking classes, movie nights, hikes, vacations, summer reading programs, play dates, park days, mystery meal nights, water games, obstacle courses.....the list goes on forever.

One mom-blogger I read has each week planned out, down to the day....a craft to get things going in the morning, something nutritious, hands- on, and fun planned each day for lunch, an hour of reading in the afternoon, and outside lawn games each night after dinner. She has day trips planned once a week, play dates with friends, museum trips, and nighttime stuff all planned out; like 'smores, flashlight games, night walks, and sleepovers.

Good for her.

Is that kind of stuff happening around here?

No way.

And why?

I am just plain tuckered out.

I'm not in a depressed or overwhelmed state by any means, but I have been planning and leading and teaching and directing, all year long.

And I need a break.

Now the above highly organized mom did send her kids to school, which I think matters a lot. For the last nine months my young ones have been with me, pretty much 24-7, with me in charge of each day. Moms who send their kids to school have their own set of challenges to be sure, but they do have a 6 hour respite each day, while my respite usually consists of visiting the bathroom. (And sometimes not even then.)

Do not get me wrong here, I LOVE being home with my children, and teaching them, doing fun crafts and experiments, reading a book together on the sofa, and making fun treats in the kitchen. I could imagine doing it no other way.

Homeschooling moms, you are amazing. But please don't fall into the trap of feeling like you need to entertain your kids through the summer. We plan everything out the rest of the year, and it is good every now and then to give yourself a break. Don't stress about having every hour planned out for your kids.

You might be the kind of mom that loves planning out the summer and that is a great thing. More power to you. But this summer you will not find my kids enrolled in a day camp, organized and put on by me. We won't be making fun concoctions in the kitchen, or on some exotic field trip.

What will we be doing?

We do have access to a pool which is lovely, we have a TV, (movies only) and the sandbox and yard outside. They have tons of toys, books, and crafty things that are just sitting in the school room that they can do themselves (and clean up after, too). There is always the spontaneous backyard water bottle fights,  and we are planning a trip to see family, a camping trip, and spending a few days at the State Fair.

But that is it.

And no, I won't be sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons; I'll be planning school for next year, deep cleaning the kitchen and laundry room, working in the garden, scrapbooking, and catching up on my book reading list. I'll also be spending time with my kids, enlisting their help in the kitchen, taking them to the pool, and admiring their art creations.

And we'll have a super fun summer and I won't feel one bit guilty about not entertaining my kids.


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