Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I can't believe it is already the middle of June. Time is moving way too fast and I need it to slow down! Before I know it summer will be over and we will be back into school again.

What I'm listening to: Right now, as the kids are doing their independent work, we are listening to some fun soundtracks on Spotify.

What we're learning: I figured out our school schedule and we have about three weeks left in this school year. Since we have already stopped our co-op history and science, I am having the older two read through a world geography textbook. The younger two are finishing up their workbooks and such this week...I am thinking they will take a break from math the last two weeks and we will find some good math games to play.

What I'm watching: Over the weekend My Sweetie and I watched Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express. This is one of my favorite Christie mysteries and a really good movie too.

What's cooking: This week I am making a Southwest Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Wraps, and a orzo-sundried tomatoes-basil and feta salad for our church picnic this Sunday.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for the opportunities my children have to serve. In our church, in 4H...there are lots of places for them to uses their gifts to help others.

What I'm planning: I am starting to think about our school schedule and subjects for next year. I am looking into a chemistry program for the older kids, an online geography resource, and math curriculums. My goal is to get it all figured out by the end of July so I will truly have August off from school stuff.

What we did this last weekend: We ran a few errands and then had grilled chicken for dinner. Yesterday we went to church and heard a sermon on Joshua and Jericho by our new summer intern. Then we fellowshipped for a while and headed home to celebrate Father's Day and My Sweetie's birthday. We had a fun afternoon talking, grilling steaks, and watched the end of the basketball finals game.

What I'm looking forward to: We have a birthday party for an old friend (as in someone we have known a long time) and we are looking forward to that, plus our dear friends from the east are coming for a visit this weekend and we are excited to hang out with them again.

Pictures to share:

~Happy Birthday sign, courtesy of the kiddos...

~Birthday/Father's Day Dinner: steak and caramelized onions, sun dried-garlic-basil pasta, zucchini and tomato stacks, and homemade Caesar Salad.


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