Monday Musings (On A Tuesday, Just Because)

What I'm thinking: That I went through the day yesterday and completely forgot my Monday Musings. It wasn't overly busy or anything; I just went to go upstairs at 10pm, saw the computer and remembered.

What I'm reading: I am reading a great book right now, titled Funny in Farsi. The author Firoozeh Dumas, moved from Iran to the states in the 70's and is her account of her family, living in two very different worlds. It's a fun read.

What I'm listening to: The windows are open to let in the cool weather so I am hearing a few birds and the occasional car that goes by.

What we're learning: This week the older two are finishing up their literature curriculum by beginning to read To Kill A Mockingbird. Dasher and I are having fun doing experiments with a kit from Moving Beyond the Page titled Work, Tools, and Simple Machines. And Nutsy remembered how to read last week, and is going through some Bob Books.

What's cooking: This week I am making tacos, a chicken and veggie stir fry, and our usual homemade pizza on Friday night. Yesterday I made two more loaves of bread....I am now using my friend Kate's recipe (and inspiration!) and making all of our bread from wheat berries and loving it.

What I'm creating: I am hoping to create edible things from my garden, and not just green leaves. Right now there is a teeny zucchini on the vine, but that is it. And my beans leaves, which looked so lush and green, are starting to curl and dry out. Any ideas?

What I'm praying: I am praying for different things...a friend with a family conflict, another friend whose family member is very sick, and another friend whose husband is job interviewing. Prayer is often overlooked but very important.

What we did this last weekend: Last Saturday it was 111 degrees here. So we took a trip to Lake Tahoe where it was a lovely 89 degrees. And we had a wonderful time, playing on the beach and in the water. Sunday we went to church and them to a park for volleyball with friends. Then home for grilled chicken and homemade Caesar Salad.

What I'm looking forward to: This week it is our neighboring county's fair and my friend's kids are competing. So we'll be heading out there to watch some of their competitions and  hang out with them.

Pictures to share:

A few photos from Saturday at Pope Beach....

~It was a lovely day...not a cloud in the sky.

~Digging holes was the thing  to do this trip.

~Me and my love.

~Someone got pushed in this year...

..and obviously enjoyed it.

~Nutsy, having a blast.

~Mr. Lego buried all his sisters.


  1. I still need the bread recipe. :-) Do you have any tips for gardening with deer and rabbits in the neighborhood, besides building a fence?

  2. The bread recipe!! I will send it to you right now. :-)

    And I don't know what you can do about deer and rabbits. Our rabbits are caged and head straight for the grass when we let them out. Are there deer resistant plants you could put around the perimeter? I know it is annoying to you, but it would be cool to live in a place where deer come into your yard...

  3. Love the photos! I am so glad the recipe is a good one for you! :D



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