Working the Goats

What have we been up to lately?

Working with the goats.

This is hard work, and the kids have been doing a great job of training and caring for them.

Wonder what goes into it?

Well, first off is food.

We feed our goats show pellets, with a little bit of corn oil, and a handful of alfalfa.

They eat around 2-3 lbs. a day and are great eaters.

Water is also very important. Even Nutsy helps to fill the water bin.

We also work with the goats.

In the beginning we just went in the pen and sat with them, getting them used to us and making them feel that humans are nice people.

Next we haltered them, tied them to a fence, and got them used to the kids touching them.

We are passed that stage now, and the kids are working with them to walk next to them, with their heads up.

The next step is bracing them.

Mr. Lego placing his feet.....

Then bracing him against his leg.

This shows off his good qualities, and give the judge a good look at the meat.

And how do we build a good meat goat? By building muscle.

First, we have lots of things in their pen that they can climb on and that we put food onto, to encourage them to jump up and use their muscles.

You can see here how much that works their leg muscles.

We also make sure they get plenty of exercise.

A fun way to do that is to halter them, and run them through the neighborhood.

You can see the kids get some great exercise too.

And I am sure the neighbors do a double take when they see us.....either that or they think we have some wacky breed of dog we are walking.

We also help out a bit at the farm where our goats are staying....

Here is Dasher and Nutsy, helping to feed the goats and horses.

This is definitely not considered 'work' to them....

These cute guys are running all over the place too, and are fun to watch.

Bookworm and Mr. Lego are doing a great job....we have about 30 more days before our fair so their work is far from done.

 And in case you were wondering.....we weighed both goats this week and Mr. Legos' Pippin is 68 pounds, and Bookworm's Merry is 62 pounds. We made weight, people!


  1. How fun, love goats haha! We visited a farm recently that had a newborn goat. Oh my goodness it was so tiny, adorable. We get to enjoy my parent's horses out in the country. So much fun! Love your blog. =)

  2. Looks like a LOT of work - but a lot of fun too!

  3. Wow! You have lots of animals! That takes so much work! We only have the stuffed animal variety at our house :)

  4. Thanks guys...I am glad I am not the one doing ALL the work.

    Lexi, at our actual house we only have rabbits...the goats are kept at my friends house and we help her with the other animals when we are there. I don't think I could do all those animals year-round! :-)

  5. We did this one year with cows for 4H. Definately a new experience for this city girl. Was a lot of fun.


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