This Week At Our House

It has been a while since I have done one of these...we had a few things going on the last week and I did grab my camera a few times so here is our week.

Of course we were out visiting Merry and Pippin a couple of times...they are getting more used to us and come more easily.

My lovely mother-in-law and one of the cousins came for a visit last seems that whenever I pull that camera out we get crazy faces.

My mom-in-law taught me how to make one of my favorite Japanese dishes, Maze Gohan. Recipe to come in a future blog post.

And My Sweetie couldn't resist getting his Momma with the whipped cream we had on a chocolate pie for dessert. Here is her retaliation...

Saturday we were up bright and early to head to UC Davis for 4H sectional presentation day. This photo was taken at, oh, about 7:45am.

All the kids in their whites....which didn't stay completely white for long because....

...they all decided to play football.

Probably one of the wackiest things we could have done with 15 kids in their 4H whites...

Easter Sunday we were at church, but then over to a friend's house for a massive, delicious, sandwich bar.

Sweet friends.

 I had fun holding the snake for a while...

...and later we all played some games.

Dear, dear friends.

And since this is a big part of my life right now, I snapped a picture of Mr. Lego driving us home from the library today.

So far he has driven 25 minutes away, through three towns, but not on the freeway.....yet.....


  1. Looks like a fun week, and what sweet ladies you got to spend it with!

  2. Beautiful pictures! We have done chickens for 4 H for 5 years, but are really thinking about doing goats this year.

  3. The goats have been fun! We do market goats so only own them for about three months. And this year I was a poultry project leader....let me tell you I have a whole new respect for you chicken people. :-) Goats and rabbits are about all I can handle. :-)

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  5. And it is so cool to find another 4H mom on The Crew. :-)


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