Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it is starting to feel like summer is almost here. Today, in sunny CA, it is a beautiful 87 degrees. I love it.

What I'm reading: I am reading a book that I am borrowing from a friend called Children of the Storm, which is the autobiography of Natasha Vins, who grew up as a Christian in communist Russia. It's an excellent read.

What we're learning: School is just plugging along. The older two do a lot of their work independently....math, writing, literature, history work, grammar....then I check their work once a week. But I still do most of the younger girls' school with them. The weeks keep going....

What's cooking: This week I am making Chalupa, Indian Curry in the crockpot, and Gyoza, using this recipe.

What I'm thankful for: The beautiful state that I live in. We are having incredible weather this week, and even found out that our community pool is now heated. So exercise is going to transition from the bike to the pool.

What I'm creating: Well, the kids are working at creating goats that weigh at least 60 pounds. We go out to see our goats, a couple times a week, and work with them. One of the goats is skittish and gets plenty of exercise so that one needs help with walking. The other is quiet and docile, so it needs to be exercised.  So funny how their personalities come out...

What I'm planning: I have a review to write about a fun online math game and so I am thinking out how I want to write it in my brain. It seems I do a lot of my writing that way...

What we did this last weekend: We had a good Saturday, doing little things around the house and running errands. My Sweetie took Mr. Lego out driving and he drove on the freeway for the first time. Sunday we went to church and then had a couple of families over for lunch. Then back for evening service.

What I'm looking forward to: I have an 'extra' day this week since we are taking a Spring break from co-op....the kids need to write their auction buyer letters for fair and distribute them to local business and so maybe that might be a good day for it. And we have a quiet weekend ahead of us.

A picture to share:

~Me and my babies, 6 years ago....


  1. Six years changes a lot, doesn't it? I love the photo. Indian tonight - I can't get enough of it! :D

    Love you,

  2. Oh man, six years go fast! Can you imagine what they will be like in another six years?!?

    And we are having Indian on Wednesday, and I'm planning to use one of your yummy mixes.

    I'll miss you this week, my friend. :-)


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