Monday Musings

What I'm thinking:  That now more than ever I am an advocate for bike helmets. Over the weekend on a morning bike ride with My Sweetie, I took a spill when I hit some black ice on a bridge. My head did hit the ground but I was wearing a helmet which was a good thing. The only injury I have is a slightly sprained wrist and a sore neck.

What I'm reading: I don't have a book I am reading right now. Not quite sure what I should start next...

What I'm listening to: The bird is chirping like crazy right now. If he is out of his cage he'll get your attention by flying around your head. It's his way of telling you he wants you to come talk to him...

What we're learning: We are taking a break from schooling this week. Around this time, every year, we take our "Winter Break", which usually coincides with our wedding anniversary. My beloved and I just celebrated our 17th year as man and wife.

What's cooking: Tonight I am making my friends pasta dish; Spaghetti Alla Carrattiera. This comes straight from her friend in Italy, and I'm excited to make it. Other things we'll be eating? Smoky Bean and Corn Soup, Pesto Chicken (or what my kids call it, Green Chicken), and homemade corn dogs for our fun Saturday night dinner.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for my husband. He is my best friend, companion and encourager. And I am so thankful that he has been mine for 17 years.

What I'm planning: I need to plan some things for our 4H poultry project which meets next week. The older two have the opportunity to compete at Avian Bowl so they are madly studying questions for the qualifying rounds which are in a couple of weeks.

What we did this last weekend: We did little things around the house this last Saturday, and My Sweetie took all the kids to a nearby park for a while. Sunday we went to church and Sunday School, then over to a friends house for lunch. Last night we celebrated our anniversary with a fun dinner with the kids, where we got out our photo albums and reminisced about our wedding.

What I'm looking forward to: Celebrating later this week with my love, visiting extended family, and taking a break from school.

A picture to share:

~This was us, 17 years ago yesterday...


  1. Congratulations! 17 years - what a blessing from God.

    Enjoy this week off school :)

  2. I'm so glad you had that helmet on!
    And Happy Anniversary to you; what a joyful, beautiful, priceless reason to celebrate God's kind gifts.
    May your week be truly filled with peace, joy, and blessings.

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! Hope you're enjoying the break from school.

  4. Charlotte, have you read "The Light Between Oceans", "The Secret Scripture", "Major Pettigrew's Last Stand", "Tara Road", "The Language of Flowers", "Coromandel Sea Change", "Catherine Called Birdie", "Year of Wonders", or "East of Eden"? All my faves :)

    your humble librarian :)

  5. Thank you for the book list! I was out of ideas and I'll check out these ones next time I am in. :-)

  6. Happy anniversary! Nice to be off school too. :-) I'm jealous! I hope your injuries are healing well. Sorry to hear about your spill!

    Have you read Sally Clarkson's book, Dancing with My Father? I am also starting to read Let.It.Go by Karen Ehman. I would recommend the first moreso, simply because I have read almost all of it. It's a great book! I think the second one is going to be a winner too. :-)


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