Christmas Recap

 It's been nice these last couple of weeks to be able to sleep in, not have a school schedule to keep up with, spend time with the kids, and eat yummy food. But this next week we are getting back to normal and I thought I would share our happenings before things got too busy.

Christmas Eve we did what we normally do every year: have our appetizer dinner. The kids are also quite thrilled to get to drink their sparkling cider out of real wine glasses.

Then we are off, with a plate full of cookies and mugs of hot chocolate, to see the nearby Christmas lights.

Our plate of treats....conveniently next to the driver and front-seat passenger...

First stop was an entire court that completely goes nuts with the lights. And even though it was cold we got out and walked it; last year we had a hard time seeing around the walkers from our car. 

The other place we go is to an entire neighborhood where they all put out candles in paper bags. We shut off our headlights and drive by candlelight.

Bookworm and Nutsy got out and walked in another heavily decorated cul-de-sac; you can barely see them below.

This year we let them stick their heads out of the moon roof....crazy kids.

On Christmas morning we usually make a big breakfast (this year it was Mr. Lego's waffles and My Sweetie's potatoes and bacon). We then announce who each of us had for Secret Servant, and give out our gifts. We all give small things to each other; I don't like making a big deal about expensive gifts and I love it that my kids are super excited about getting a $3 pen that writes with special, invisible ink.

I give a gift to the family; one year it was an ice cream maker, but usually it is fun game I have heard about. This year I got the game Wits and Wagers, so we played that for a while.

Later in the afternoon our friends came over for a game night and of course we had to try the new game. I love it because up to 21 people can play.

Another game that lots of us can play is Catch Phrase. And as you can see, we have lots of fun playing it.

Another fun card game is Up the River, Down the River (Or some of us call it There And Back Again); if you use more than one deck you can play it with 14 people.

 And of course my favorite, Speed Scrabble.

We played this one last, when it was getting pretty late, so that is my excuse for not winning.

At the end of the night....

I am very thankful for my family and the precious time we had together, and for our friends, who shared part of the day with us.