Decorating for Christmas

I am not by nature a decorative-type person. When we moved into our home, we chose some lovely paints, put nice pictures up, chose candles, and other knick-knacks. And it has pretty much stayed that way all this time. But I do like seasonal decor and this time of year I love seeing twinkle lights, smelling pine, and seeing red and green candles.

And having a Christmas Tree.

We let our kids put up all the decorations. That's how my family did it; my mom was blind and she was very happy to hand the job over to my sister and I. I have wonderful memories of putting up all the round ball ornaments, the lights, little snowmen, and tinsel. And it was probably a good thing she couldn't see because let me just tell you, that tinsel got everywhere, especially when my sister and I would have tinsel fights. (I remember vacuuming in February and still finding a strand here and there.)

I wanted my kiddos to have the same lovely memories so from the beginning they would help decorate. And now that they are 15 - 13 - 11 and 7 years old they really can do it. In fact, I did not touch one Christmas decor item this year; they did it all.

And had a blast.

Introducing our hodge-podge Christmas Tree.

Wedged in between the sofa and piano.

Notice there is no tinsel.

Some things you might see if you look closer....

 These ornaments were made by my grandma....she made so many things out of that plastic canvas material.

This one was made by My Sweetie, when he was about 6 years old.

We laminated it one year when its neck started to tear.

We were married in January and at one of my showers in December, the hostess thoughtfully had each guest bring me a Christmas ornament. I still have many of them....

And then these type of ornaments are all over the tree....made by my favorite people.

 Dasher and Nutsy came up with this fun craft idea last week....

As you see it doesn't match, have all the same color lights, or the same theme. And most of the ornaments won't break. This makes it super easy for my kids to decorate with or even to look at while the tree is up.

I am not saying that I have a kid-proof tree.....we have those small glass ball ornaments which break every now and then (in fact, I broke the first one last week when I tried to move the sofa closer to the tree), and other delicate ornaments, but I teach my children to be careful and gentle when handling.

Other things around the living room.....

On our mantle we have some green garland with these little houses from my childhood. They don't get played with; you can see that they have been displayed many times in the last 35+ years.

 My cute little snowman and his tree stand on one side of our piano.....

....and a couple of wire trees on the other side.

I do love candles....

And on our table is a simple garland wreath and candle.

It is lovely to see different things in my living room, on the dining room table and mantle, but it makes me very happy to see the joy on my kids faces as they pull the box of Christmas stuff out and start going through it.


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