Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That the Fall colors are so beautiful right now. We have a lovely tree in the front yard that is dropping yellow leaves, and a fiery orange one in the backyard. So pretty.

What I'm reading: I picked up a book at the library over the weekend that I am loving, Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese. (What You Should and Shouldn't Cook from Scratch - Over 120 Recipes for the Best Homemade Foods) This is such a fun book....did you know it is not cost effective to collect your own eggs and make your own baguettes, but salad dressings, yogurt, and cured meats are much better done at home. Interesting stuff....

What I'm listening to: Christmas music is playing when music is on....I'm sure I'll be sick of it in 5 weeks, but for now I appreciate our local Christian radio station playing all Christmas music.

What we're learning: It's back to school this week. I am having the older two watch a couple of videos about World War II and writing paragraphs about it. The younger two are continuing in an Autumn unit study we started a couple of weeks ago (It IS still technically Autumn, even though it's almost December), and we are all going to start going through Apologia's Astronomy book in our Together School.

What I'm watching: Hidden in the non-fiction DVD section of our library, I found lots of Globe Trekker episodes. These are super fun, 45 minute videos of a traveler going to a far off place, and appropriate for the kids to watch too.

What's cooking: This week I am making Lentil Vegetable Curry, Chile Verde with Pork and Rice, and Chicken, Mushroom and Kale Soup. The Chile Verde is my make a lovely sauce from tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro, and onions and then simmer shredded pork in it.

What I'm buying: We put our tree up over the weekend, or I should say the kids did it all; and out of the 5 strands of lights that were in the box, only three work. The tree is looking a bit sad, so we are off to Wal Mart to buy more lights.

What I'm creating: When we went to Apple Hill a couple of weeks ago I bought 40 pounds of apples. Then when we went back on Friday with my mother-in-law, I found 20 pounds of tomatoes for only $13. So this week I plan to make lots of applesauce and apple pie filling, and turn those tomatoes into my Roasted Tomato and Eggplant Sauce.

What I'm planning: I am planning out the choral portion of our co-op; maybe we'll sing a couple of Christmas songs this month. Then we have a poultry meeting next week and I'm trying to think of some fun ways to teach the kids about the different breeds and classes.

What we did this last weekend: Friday we went to Apple Hill and went on a nice nature walk with my mother-in-law. Then the kids dragged out our boxes of Christmas decor and put everything up. Saturday evening my Sweetie and I went to a friend's housewarming party, then Sunday we went to church. That afternoon we came home and relaxed, then made a delicious Japanese dinner.

What I'm looking forward to: A pretty quiet week....we have co-op and just our normal school stuff. This Saturday we are having our friends over for a quiet dinner, and Sunday we have our assisted living ministry.

A picture to share:

~My plate last night....Teriyaki Chicken, Kimchi, Gobo, California Maki, and Miso. Yummy.


  1. I've still never been to Apple Hill, but I want to go SO badly!
    Also, that book you're reading sounds excellent! Its a bit of a taboo subject online, but I'm not a believer in all things made from scratch. Time IS precious to me :)

  2. Stef, next time you are in this area in the fall, you definitely need to go to Apple hill!

    I so agree with you and the time you mean it is taboo because there is such a push for non-hormone, all from sustainable source eating? For me cost overrides the organic, which is a lot of times not really organic. And that's what makes this book so interesting....for instance, making your own hot dogs takes like 3 days and costs twice as much as buying them at the store. But the store ones have nasty stuff in we only buy them twice a year or so and I don't worry about it.

    Sure makes you think....

  3. So much I could comment on... but I only have a second and that photo made my mouth water! Steven wants me to try making Japanese food sometime. Wish you could share recipes and give me lessons! :)

  4. Oh I so wished we could get together Melissa, and cook! There is a great Japanese cookbook out there, it was actually published in Japan and translated:

    It is pretty authentic and most of the dishes are not too complicated. :-)


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