Reformation Day

Today, 495 years ago, a man posted a notice on a church door.

 In those days when you disagreed with something, you wrote it out, and posted it on the church. ( Kind of like today's bulletin boards.) He posted 95 things that he disagreed with the church about. Little did he know what kind of a thing he would start by doing that.....The Reformation.

The Reformation affects all evangelical, Bible-believing churches. If not for the grace of God and the courage of Martin Luther (and many others), we would not be where we are today.

So our church remembers this day, October 31st, as Reformation Day. A day to remember, be thankful, and have fun.

Right after church was over last Sunday, a few of us descended to a park, with yummy food of course.

This was my contribution...Harvest Stew in the slow cooker.

We had all sorts of German/Harvest type foods....Pumpkin Soup, Salads, Sausages, cheeses, pretzels.....

And every year someone brings Worms. The Diet of Worms to be precise. (In 1521 at the Diet of Worms, or the formal assembly in Worms, Germany, Luther stood by his beliefs about the church and challenged the authority of the Pope.)

After eating, one of the young men read a bit about Luther.

We love to sing, and someone found a fun song about the Reformation put to a familiar tune. Some of the adults serenaded us.

Then it was time for the games.

First off, Pin the Thesis to the Door at Wittenberg.

And yes, those are the 95 thesis' in teeny tiny print.

My Sweetie was the designated spinner.

We used little sticky tabs with each child's name on it, My Sweetie pointed them in the right direction, and they tried to stick their sticky-note as close to the center as they could.

Another game was Toss the Coins Into the Coffer.

"When the coin in the coffer rings, 
a soul from purgatory springs."
~John Tetzel

John Tetzel was a Dominican preacher who sold indulgences like crazy, and even went as far as to sell indulgences on sins that had not yet been committed. Many of Luther's items on the thesis dealt with this.

Tossing a gold coin in....

Hmmmm, those gold coins look like they were enjoyed by Nutsy.

Half the fun was watching others play the games.

The next game up was an egg toss. This wasn't a game that had anything to do with the Reformation; but was sure fun to watch because out of the 36 eggs that my friend brought? 6 of them were raw.


Nobody got hit badly though.

Onto the last game, Keep the Bible From the Monk.

These rolls of paper were meant to be Bibles, which in the 16th century were kept out of the hands of the common people by the church.

And here is the Monk....

The kids picked up a Bible from one end of the area, and tried to get past the Monk, who was trying to tag them.


Pretty people watching the games.

After the games some people played baseball....

....and volleyball too.

Sweet fellowship.....

....with good friends.

So today, we are remembering God's providence, and his Sovereign power that we trust in. And how he used regular, ordinary men to further His kingdom.

Happy Reformation Day!


  1. This is a lovely post, Charlotte! :)


  2. I love that you guys truly celebrate this!! Jason and I were just talking last night about wanting to do this, especially as our kids get older and it becomes more special to them as well.
    Yesterday I decided to read about this history to my kids and I could tell for Ethan, it made much more sense than it ever has. He was so into learning more about Martin Luther and more about why this was such a big deal for them.
    I don't think we have to celebrate something to make the day worth while, but if there's something this important to our Christian faith, I say do it!

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Thanks Stef for your thoughts. My kids love learning about the Reformation, especially when we play games! :-) And I love it that they retain so much more the older they get. (Usually) I am usually not one to celebrate certain religious holidays, but it is a good reminder to tell our children about the things men sacrificed for the gospel.

  4. I just started following you today...enjoying reading several of your posts. I heard about celebrating "Reformation Day" several years ago. I loved that you showed how your church celebrated. Very fun and creative!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Thanks Letha, I glad you enjoyed reading it. Blessings!


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