Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am definitely a blog writer, but not so much a blog commenter. I love it when people leave me comments though, so shouldn't I return the favor?

What I'm reading: I am still going through Dearie, a biography on Julia Child. The book is 500+ pages long and basically goes through her whole life. Now I am in the late 60's when her cooking shows were beginning to take off, and she is now back in France, working on volume 2 of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

What I'm listening to: The rain is pitter-pattering outside, someone is listening to Johnny Cash while cleaning a room upstairs, the bird is chirping.

What we're learning: This week the older two are starting a section in literature on poetry, and we are finishing up our study of the planets in co-op. I am looking through my library and trying to come up with some short stories to read to them about World War II...

What I'm watching: Over the weekend my Sweetie and I watched Act of Valor; the acting was okay but it was still a thought provoking movie. But it did make me so thankful for those men who give their lives so we can be free.

What's cooking: I started something new during this month's menu...I planned a couple of meals that Bookworm can make. So later this week she will be making us Cheesy Sausage Pasta for dinner. We're also eating Japanese Curry one night, Pesto Paninis another, and I am planning to bring a slow cooker full of Harvest Vegetable Soup to church this Sunday for our Reformation Party.

What I'm buying: For about a half hour this morning I was scouring the house looking for scotch tape. I bought three rolls of it last week, and there was none to be found. So incredibly frustrating. So I'll pick some up next time I am out....

What I'm praying: I am praying that I would remain Christ-centered, instead of being me or man-centered. Which is something we will struggle with every day; being in this world, living in it, but not allowing it to transform us.

What I'm planning: I've got three reviews to write in the next few seems that I get them in spurts.

What we did this last weekend: On Saturday we went up to our friend's house for volleyball and fellowship. We must have played at least 8 games. Sunday we went to church and then we were invited over to a friend's house for the afternoon. Then back to church for our monthly evening service.

What I'm looking forward to: We have a pretty normal week...I am meeting a dear friend for lunch tomorrow, and we don't have any 4-H meetings this week. This Sunday our church is celebrating Reformation Day at a park and we are all looking forward to that.

Pictures to share:

~I took these a couple of years ago when I was taking a photography class. Fall is upon us.....


  1. What is it about those rolls of scotch tape? They seem to have a mind of their own! LOL! I love those photos! Awesome eye you have!
    Have a great week!
    "Monday Musings"

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lori! what is up with the tape?!? For us it is scotch tape and band aides. We are always running out of them and I can never find them when I really need it. :-)

  3. Stopping by from the crew to say hi and follow. I would appreciate if you could follow back! Thanks, Dana

  4. Hi Dana! Love your blog too! :-)


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