Flashback Friday - North Carolina Trip Part 1

I love looking back in my photo files for pictures from way-back-when to put on my Monday Musing posts sometimes. And this last Monday I went into my file from 2006 and found that photo of my babies in North Carolina, which reminded me of our trip out there, and made me want to preserve the moment.

This blog, in many ways, has become my online journal. And a way to eternally keep photos and memories. Unless some great apocalypse happens, what I write and share on here will always be, for my kids to look back on and remember with. Which made me want to continue with some Friday Flashback posts.

So here goes, North Carolina part 1.

We were quite brave and flew across the country, with our 4 kiddos, to visit our dear friends who now lived in the tar heel state. 

This was the first airplane ride for the three younger kids, and was a big adventure.

Nutsy was just 15 months old...and did really well on the plane.

I look like I am half asleep.

It went smoothly and we ended up in Charlotte, NC.

I just have to say how weird it would be to live in a city that shared your name.

First off, we all wanted to see the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It was beautiful in its own way; I liked the layers of the mountains, but then being from California I had a hard time calling them mountains and instead thought of them as foothills.

We stopped at some of the vista points and checked out the view.

Who is that little boy sitting on the hood? I can't believe how much he has grown in 6 years...

I love this picture of our kids together...Mr. Lego was 9 1/2, Bookworm was just 7, and Dasher was almost 6.

One of the things I wanted to try was some good southern food, so we headed to a place that did not disappoint, Bridges Barbecue Lodge.

Barbecue is not what we think it is in Cali. What we do here is called grilling, and should never be confused with the 8-12 hour process of real barbecuing.

This was the real stuff: Barbecued Pork with vinegar, not tomato, because we were NOT in Texas. We also had Slaw, (I loved saying that word), Hush Puppies, and beans. And I finally found out that a Hush Puppy is just basically a corn dog without the dog.

We spent lovely evenings at our friends home, having great conversations and watching the kids play together.

We traveled west while we were there, to Asheville and into the Biltmore Estate.

This incredible mansion was beautiful; but no photography was allowed inside. We spent three hours in there, and only went through the main section. My favorite part? A garden, right in the middle of the downstairs. 

We drove through the estate, admiring the other buildings.

 So beautiful!

We ended up at the farm, where we saw the kitchen garden....

...admired some fun scarecrows....

...and visited this huge horse.

Part Two coming up next week.....


  1. This was great! I love flashbacks, and it's fun to share them with others.
    We haven't been to NC to visit relatives in almost 4 years, but we're going in April. I am already biting my nails about it. ;)

  2. That sounds like a fun trip, Melissa! I love traveling and would love to go back east again, but with all of my kids now being full paying passengers, it won't happen for a while. Blessings!


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