Our family tries when we can to do things the natural way. Not just in what we eat, but also in what we put on our bodies. And I am all about saving money and not running off to the doctors for every sniffle and cut, but trying to treat the ailment at home with natural products. Enter Beeyoutiful and their line of health products.


I received four different items from this company. I'll talk about each one, how we used it, and what we thought.


The biggest item in my Beeyoutiful box was an 8-ounce bottle of Berry Well. This stuff is full of good things for your body, and is meant to be taken when you feel a cold coming on. Raw honey, organic elderberries, organic echinacea root extract, organic apple cider vinegar, and propolis extract are the only ingredients in this glass bottle. This lovely syrup sells for $19.75 on the website. The first day that I got this product I tried a taste. It had a very pleasant flavor of vinegar, honey, the tartness from the elderberries, and wasn't hard to get down at all. And wouldn't you just know it, the very next week myself and two of my kiddos got sore throats. I started all three of us on the recommended dosage; by the second day my cold symptoms had almost disappeared and I just had a tickle in my throat. The kids recovered without any other symptoms and I was very pleased that we had avoided full-on colds.

The second product I received was the Miracle Skin Salve. This container held 2 ounces of coconut and olive oil, beeswax, organic comfrey root, and other ingredients.


The list of things that this salve can help with are chapped lips, sunburns, painful wounds, diaper rashes, cuts....pretty much any ailment on the skin can be treated with it. The smell was pleasant; there is both lavender and rosemary essential oils in it. The salve comes in either a 2 ounce or 4 ounce container; I received the 2 ounce Miracle Salve, which is sold for $15.00. Pretty much every time someone got injured I rubbed this stuff on; Mr. Lego was unfortunately holding our cat when a car revved loudly down our street and received a few scratches on his arm. I put some on his arm right away and he said after a few minutes the pain went away and it did heal within a few days.

I also received a tube called Ow! - Ease.  This 1 ounce tube of blended herbs contains many wonderful things including arnica, organic St. John's Wort, and calendula.


Unlike the Miracle Salve, this product is not to be used on open wounds and is meant to treat bruises, strains, and muscle soreness. When Bookworm hurt her ankle I rubbed Ow! - Ease on; the tube makes it very easy to apply. It is like an oversized chapstick tube, and can be rolled up from the bottom. Ow! - Ease sells on the website for $15.00.

Finally, I got a tube of lip BALM, which stands for Beeyoutiful All Natural Lip Moisturizer. There are two flavors available on the website for $3.00 each; orange or peppermint. When I signed up for this review I was hoping for the peppermint one since orange lip balm didn't sound that good to me (I was imagining sickly sweet orange). I did get orange and was pleasantly surprised with the flavor. The orangeness is very subtle and not sweet or overpowering at all.


And I love the ingredient list: organic grapeseed oil, organic shea butter, beeswax, and orange essential oil. That's it, simple and natural. Living where we live in the dry Sacramento Valley, I use some type of balm on my lips almost every day. And I loved this stuff and the way it made my lips feel.

I also received a DVD titled Beeyoutiful Views. Stephanie Tallent from Beeyoutiful describes many of the products they offer and how to use them. There is also a section of How To videos; some of these show how to use essential oils, a diffuser, and make poultices. Another part of the DVD is called Healthy Pregnancy, and gives specific products they carry that you can use if you are expecting. You can purchase the DVD for $3.00 on the website; I found the How To section to be quite helpful in understanding how to use natural products and keep my family healthy.


I would encourage you to check out their website. You can shop by product or by health concern, read articles, and even participate in an online forum. And all of their products are sold at a discounted rate when more than one is bought. I know that I will keep them in mind when I am in need of replacing some of our medicinal herbs and remedies.

Other members of The Crew reviewed Beeyoutiful Skin's mineral make-up line and skin care products. Check it out by clicking below!


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received these products, at no cost to me, for my honest and humble review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Hi! I stopped by from the Crew (just for fun)to read some of your reviews. :) I enjoyed your blog! I also have a 15-year-old son who loves Legos. My younger daughter (age 9) loves dolls--especially her American Girl dolls. You have a beautiful family!


    Wendy H.

  2. Hi Wendy! Thanks for commenting. I am enjoying writing for the Crew and getting to know people...I'm off to check out your blog!

    Have a blessed day!


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