What We Saw Today....

Today, right after breakfast, me and the kiddos got into the car and went for a drive.

After getting turned around a couple of times and waiting in a not-too-long car line, we made it to our destination.

The top of a parking garage.

 With lots of other people.

While we were waiting, we kept ourselves amused by watching the surrounding buildings.

Must be something big happening.....

These guys were crazy....from our vantage point it didn't look like there was any railing up there.

We watched these people climb up the ladder of their office building onto the roof.

And rumor had it, that people paid to spend a night at this hotel, just to stand on the balcony this morning.

 It was getting more crowded now....

....with so many people we had a couple of these around.

Right in front of us was the Capitol; hmmm, maybe that is Governor you-know-who at the top of the dome.....

What were we all waiting for???

The flyby of the space shuttle Endeavour, piggy-backed on a NASA 747.

Here it comes.

Getting closer......

...and closer....

Then it went behind a building to make a slow turn way behind us.

People were cheering and taking lots of photos (Me included, obviously.)

On its way back towards the Capitol.....

What an amazing sight.  And what a special privilege to see it in person.

One of my dreams was to see a launch in Florida someday.....that is not going to happen now, but seeing this is the next best thing.

Farewell, Endeavour.


  1. You got AMAZING shots! We watched from the TV :)
    This was so neat to show my kids, thank you!

  2. What an amazing short little story you told there. It reminds me of when I did see a few of the Space Shuttles take off when I lived in Florida. Thanks for taking such awesome photos and sharing them with us with a talented gift of words. :) <3

  3. Thanks, Stef! we were so privileged to see it

    Unknown, how cool to have been able to see the launches! It is so powerful watching it on TV, I can only imagine how neat it would have been to see and hear it live. Thanks for commenting!

  4. Amazing photos Charlotte!! I'm sad that we missed it at our house - it was a little too low and blocked by trees during the turn. It did fly right over Cornerstone, but Bryce's class didn't get outside in time and missed the view. :( But seeing your pics makes up for it!

  5. Awesome! I'd love to see that!

  6. That is amazing that it went all the way to Bryce's school! From where we were we could see it as it made the turn; I thought it was still over the city and didn't realize it went all the way passed 80. Someone else said it went to McClellan and turned around....crazy how in an airplane things go by so fast.

    And thanks, Lisa!


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