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Spelling and vocabulary are subjects that I haven't taught much. My older children read a lot and spelling came naturally to them. When I would notice in their writing that they had misspelled words, we would work on them, but I rarely used a formal spelling curriculum. Now my younger ones are not as proficient or eager to read, so spelling has been something that I know we need. And I also know, with older children, that a knowledge of vocabulary is something I really want them to have. So when this review came up for an online vocabulary and spelling program, I knew I needed to try it out.


What It Is:

Vocabulary Spelling City is truly a combination of those two subjects. When you access the program, you will make profiles for your children. At this point I would highly recommend watching the teacher videos; these really help you to understand how to fully use the website. You can either choose a pre-made list or make one up for your children; I did both. Here are some of the many choices you can choose from in the pre-made lists:

Compound Words
Sound Alike Words (homophones)
Geography Lists
Math Vocabulary
Science Vocabulary
Literature Word Lists
Monthly Holidays Lists
Phonics Word Lists
Word Family Lists

In each of the above categories, you then choose a grade level to select. Each of the lists have between 8 and 50 words to study. You can either allow your child to choose their own study activities or you can use the program to assign certain ones for them. These include a wide range of exercises:

Match-It Definitions
Which Word? Definitions
Spelling Test Me
Vocabulary Test Me
Parts of Speech

....and many more. 

For all of the activities, your child will get immediate feedback on their answers; the tests are corrected after the last answer is submitted and the results are then shown.

What You Get:

When you purchase the premium membership, each of your students will be able to individually log in, and their progress and grades will be tracked and recorded for you. For $29.99 a year, up to 5 students in your family can use the website. This includes handwriting practice sheets that you can print out, interactive and printable flashcards, Language Art lessons, and lots of fun activities to help your child learn spelling and vocabulary.

How We Used This:

I had two of my children use this product. Dasher is in need of some spelling help so I started her on a pre-made word list. We chose a word list from the graded vocabulary/spelling list and I chose 5 different activities plus a spelling test for her to do through the week. The word list I chose actually had 49 words in it; halfway through the week I had to revise her assignment to a shorter list so she could complete it. Each day she sat and worked on her assignment; I had her do Flashcards, Match It Sentences, Sentence Writing Practice, Letterfall, Alphabetize, and the Spelling Test. Mr. Lego was the other guinea pig for this resource; I wanted him to test out the vocabulary section of the site. I gave him a Literature Word List from To Kill A Mockingbird, which included such words as prerogative, stolid, obscure, and vexation. I also chose 5 activities for him to do; he really enjoyed the Word-O-Rama and WordFind. I liked that the list of words challenged him and that he was able to see his progress as he moved along.

What We Thought:

I liked the flexibility of this program. During Dasher's second week, I made a list up from words she was struggling with. The program was smart enough to guess which word meaning I was after, and gave me definition choices for all of the words. It also pronounced all the words for me, so I was sure that they sounded right. Dasher did complain that a couple of the games took a while, but it is a fact of life that school does takes time. The website format did take some getting used to, but the teacher videos helped immensely and I felt more and more comfortable with it as we progressed. I would like to continue to use this; I really liked the Language Art activities that can be selected with the word lists. I also am excited to have a program that will help to teach higher-level vocabulary; I do wish they had SAT level word lists, but I was impressed with the ones that they had for my son's level.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a one-year subscription, at no cost to me, for my honest and humble review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Stopping by to say hi and follow. I am a newbie with the crew!

  2. Hi There! I love meeting other Crew members. I just started reviewing in the Spring and am loving it. Have a blessed week!

  3. This was well-written, C, and very informative. Thanks so much!

  4. Ethan used this last year and we loved it!

  5. Stef, I am glad you liked it! I am going to continue to use it for the older three. :-)


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