Addition Teaching and Learning Made Easy

Yes, I am reviewing another math seems like there are a lot of new things out there for homeschoolers and since this subject is one of my weaknesses and deals with addition facts (which 2 of mine still struggle with) I knew I wanted to try this product from Math Made Easy.

What It Is:

This soft cover, spiral workbook has all you need to teach your child the addition facts in 6 weeks. Many math programs teach addition along side other math concepts, but the thing that makes this supplemental program unique is that it only teaches the addition facts, 0-9. Commutative property is stressed throughout this program, along with an emphasis of memorizing the facts. This is huge to me, as I still struggle to not count on my fingers when adding.


Before you begin the actual meat of the program, you will teach your child the 0 and 1 facts. It is highly suggested that you use objects to show addition; this will help to prevent finger counting and aid in understanding. To help learn the 0 and 1 facts there are two worksheet pages to do and some flashcards to drill with. Once you feel your child understands those facts, you move on to the main lessons where the remaining 36 addition facts are divided up and taught. Each day of the week you will review the 6 facts for that week and do a worksheet. These are consistent for each week and include a color-the-answer page, adding problems horizontally and vertically, a code puzzle to figure out with the answers from the facts, and a word problem page. There are also three games to play every week, weekly reviews, and a pretest and post test.

What You Get:

For $24.95 you will receive the book which has all worksheets that you will need. You can order directly from their website.  The second half of the book has the game pieces and all the double-sided flashcards; the games and flashcards are conveniently printed on sturdy card stock with perforated edges. At the top of each worksheet it gives the week and day for ease of scheduling, and printed on all the flashcards is the appropriate week. This makes it very easy to figure out at a glance what to use each day. The games are fun and engaging; other things you will need to have is a clothespin, a brad, and material to laminate with if desired.


How I Used This:

Well, my youngest needs help with her addition facts big time. And so we charged right in with this program. This was a little tough, the summer sun is shining brightly outside, we were gone on vacation for a couple of weeks, and I am taking a break from formal schooling. But I had her sit with me for 10-15 minutes a day and go over the flashcards and do the worksheets. She really enjoyed the coloring pages on a couple of the days, and loved the games. One of the games did suggest laminating the cards, but we chose not to and just stored them in a ziploc baggy between uses. She did start to get a little overwhelmed after a couple of weeks; I am planning to go at a teeny bit slower pace for the next few weeks and do lots of flashcard reviewing.

What I Thought:

I really liked this product. It is simple, yet the worksheets are fun and varied so as not to bore those children that can't stand math. I was happy with the progress that Nutsy made, and Nutsy was happy to spend 15 minutes a day, doing fun math with mom. A couple of the worksheets were long for her; in the future I might split those ones between two days. The program is not teacher-intensive at all, and organized well. One thing I did notice was that the flashcards only included some of the +0 and +1 facts; I would have preferred seeing all the addition facts as flashcards for review. This program would be perfect to do over summer vacation for either a young math student, or an older one who was never taught to memorize the facts and struggles with retention.

Members of The Crew were also given Multiplication Teaching and Learning Made Easy which I am going to check out as well. Head on over to The Crew blog to see what they thought!


Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, for my honest and humble review. All opinions are mine.


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