Garden Update

So my garden is going so-so this year.

Most of my plants are actually in containers on our deck....I am really trying to have a garden without re-doing an entire 2 feet of soil under my plants in the yard.

The flowers are still in bloom, but are getting a bit overgrown.

 My beans are in these lovely wine first they looked great but then started turning very yellow after a few weeks. Turns out my drainage hole plugged up, and after we drilled a couple more holes they came back. Except, I'm not getting any beans yet...

Here is the watermelon plant my kids gave me for Mother's Day. Do you see my melon on there?

I'm excited to see if this grows big enough for all of us to have some.

This is my zucchini, in my beloved Earth far these two plants are giving me 1-2 zucchini a week. The perfect amount.

Whenever I see the blossoms, I am reminded of my grandma; when I was young she would not only feed us delicious zucchini from her garden, but she would fry the blossoms too.

Here is one of my tomato plants. I am doing this one on the deck as an experiment, to see if this is a better spot to grow tomatoes. This one has not produced anything yet.....

Here are the two cucumbers. The one on the left is a Japanese cuke and has only given me one so far this season, but the one on the right (a regular cuke) is spitting out at least 3 cucumbers a week for me.

They have been juicy and sweet so far.

Now out in the yard...

Here are the tomatoes in the raised beds. As you can see, they have not grown very tall even though I planted them the first of April. (One is only about 2 feet tall.) There are 5 plants here, but only a whopping 5 tomatoes on the vine right now; the first ones I have gotten so far.

But they are still beautiful.

Here is the herb garden....the oregano, rosemary, and lavender in the front are doing great. The strawberries are in the back, but not doing so great because..... of our stupid rabbits got out and ate most of them.

My comfrey is seriously taking over the corner of the yard. I LOVE this stuff and need to think about drying some of it soon.

And of course my roses are in full bloom right now; they make me smile every time I look out my kitchen window.

So the garden is doing okay....good in some places, not so good in others.

Kind of like real life, eh?


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