Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That it is going to be a hot one today. We had the windows open earlier to let the cool air in, but I just shut them because I feel the temperature rising. We are in the middle of a little heat wave with today being 97.....when I just looked at the weather forecast we are in the 90's for the next 9 days.

What I'm reading: Alas, no time for reading this last week. And I don't see much extra time this coming week. I have been reading through a couple of curriculums for some reviews I am working on for The Crew....

What I'm listening to: Bookworm is playing her piano....our summer school schedule starts about 45 minutes later than the rest of the year but still includes time to practice music.

What we're learning: This week the older children are working on their math and literature. They have one final assignment due for their co-op writing class, and we are all starting a new Bible curriculum that I am really excited about.

What I'm watching: After we improved the drainage of my bean containers they seemed to look a little happier so that was good...there are gorgeous blossoms on my cucumbers but not one vegetable yet. I have some green tomatoes on the vine, the green onions need to be pulled, and the watermelon looks surprisingly happy. I say that because I have never successfully grown a watermelon before, and I'm hoping this year will be different.

What's cooking: This week I am making Gyoza, Miso and edamame one day, Chinese Fried Rice another, and on the day that I'll be out all day.....Chili in the crockpot.

What I'm buying: This is my week for big shopping....I don't think that I'll make it out this week and will probably shop early next week, but I do need to come up with menu ideas. Some of the things I want to make next month...chicken stir fry, chicken wraps, tostadas...

What I'm thankful for: I am really thankful for my friends. Through them I am convicted, encouraged, and blessed.

What I'm praying: That I would see what Christ has done, extending such abundant grace to me, a sinner, and desire with all my heart to obey His word.

 What I'm planning: I need to get going with my planning for co-op. I am using this book to teach singing and basic music theory to the students; there are a few places that I need to adapt the curriculum and come up with my own stuff and our first meeting is this week......aaackk!

What we did this last weekend: Saturday we went up to our friend's house to hang out, fellowship, and tattoo rabbits. Yup, they have rabbits that they are taking to their fair and all rabbits going need their tattoos. Sunday we heard an encouraging sermon on working out your salvation, then enjoyed visiting with people during our extended fellowship. Then we went over to a friends house for yummy food and good conversations.

What I'm looking forward to: We have a busy but fun week ahead: Our 4-H pizza party/awards ceremony is Tuesday and our first real co-op meeting is Wednesday. Then Friday we are heading to my friend's fair to watch their competitions and hang out, and Saturday we are possibly catching up with some old but very good friends. (Not old in age; we've just known them a long time, but they now live across the country and are coming for a visit.)

Pictures to share:

~Saturday morning for breakfast Bookworm made PW's cinnamon rolls...

 ~Some of the kids having a blast Saturday afternoon.


  1. Hope you're having a wonderful week and surviving the heat!! I really wish that I had one of those cinnamon rolls - LOL! Tell Bookworm- Great Job!! :)


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