County Fair 2012 - Part 2

The next day we were at fair bright and early to clean out our stalls.

We are supposed to have the barn cleaned out by 8am....

....this thing comes by at around that time to clean away what we have swept into piles.

Today was the breed show. Here are the bunnies...waiting to be looked at...

And we got 1st and 2nd in senior does and 2nd in senior bucks.

The girls got out their rabbits for people to pet.

Our market rabbits: YUM, STU (as in stew), and BQ (as in BBQ).

Then we waited and waited for the Nigerian goats, Pygmies, fiber goats, dairy goats...until the very last class which was goat whethers under a year.

Bookworm got to help our friend show his baby goats in the show.

The whole time, that baby goat was crying for his mama.

At one point he firmly planted his feet and would not go one step further. Bookworm had to carry him out of the ring.

Emma and her friend watching the goat show.

Finally, what all the kiddos had been looking forward to....rides.

Even Dad got to go on a ride.

I went down this huge slide....I was a little freaked out because coming towards the bottom, we were on our way to hitting the metal guard rail at the end.

Another late night, but a fun day.

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