County Fair 2012 - Last post

The very cool thing about this years' fair was that, after 3 years of trying, we finally made it to the auction. This is a very serious auction, with real buyers who are looking to buy good meat animals. Law firms, food service companies, builders, small business owners, and chain grocery stores are all there to bid at the auction.

This whole process took lots of work; a month or so ago, our kids wrote buyer letters to prospective buyers. Telling them a bit about themselves, what they are learning in 4-H, and asking them to come to the auction.

The auctioneer, complete with his cowboy hat....

Bookworm was up first since she had a 5th place she is in line with all the FFAers around her.

Here she is in the auction ring....the auctioneer doing his speed-talking spiel, smiling and looking the buyers in the eye, selling that rabbit.....and it sold!

Dasher did a great job too and had a little bidding war going on for her rabbit.

And Mr. Lego was trying his best to sell his rabbit, and ended up selling it to an industrial construction company.

After the animals sold, we went to find our buyers and thank them with a little gift. We also wrote thank you cards to be sent to them next week.

We hung around the auction all day; helping our friends get their animals ready, seeing the big cowboy hats and belt buckles, and the humongous steers get auctioned off.

When we weren't with the rabbits, we were in the barn....

...playing cards....

....or hanging out with the goat.

We had our rabbit potluck....

...with a cake just for the rabbit people.

And of course we ate rabbit.

This was one of the most delicious rabbit dishes I have had.

The last day we had Rabbit Bowl.

Mr. Lego was in charge of asking questions to the can see Bookworm with her team here too.

After 4 rounds her team won 3rd place.

Then Mr. Lego was up with the seniors on a team called the Californian's....

...they battled it back and forth until the Californian's won.

Great experiences, good lessons, long days, and fun times.


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