Monday Musings (On Tuesday)

What I'm thinking: That this last week was a whirlwind, and it is finally over. Not that it was a bad week, but it sure was busy. Our goat did not make weight (she was only 60 pounds) but she did win first place in the feeder class. The kids did great in their competitions and all three went to auction with market rabbits.

What I'm reading: I think I should have some time to read this week....

What I'm listening to: The breeze coming through the window. Silence. After 5 days of early mornings, late nights, and hours on our feet, I am letting the kids sleep in.

What we're learning: We learned a ton last week. School is light this next week with only the basics....math, grammar, literature.

What I'm watching: Looking out my window this morning I was amazed at how much the things in my garden have grown. When you don't look at it every day you can really see the difference.

What's cooking: This week I am roasting a chicken for dinner one night, a beef stir fry another night, and grilled chicken with grilled zucchini and onions on Saturday.

What I'm buying: Well, I am looking for someone to buy our goat. Since she did get 1st place in her class, I think I can sell her to another 4-Her who needs a market goat for an end of the summer fair. I just need to find that person...

What I'm thankful for: I am really thankful that we had a safe time at the fair, no one got sick or lost, and that all the kids got to go to auction. God is good.

What I'm creating: Clean things. The plan today is to do all the laundry that has piled up over the last 8 days, clean the bathrooms, wash the kitchen floor, and find a place for some new bookshelves I have acquired.

What I'm praying: For a friend of mine who is walking the hard road of pregnancy loss. May God give her peace and comfort during this time.

What I'm planning:  I need to do a bit of school planning for our new co-op....

What we did this last weekend: The fair, of course. Saturday was the rabbit Rank Sheet test and judging contest. Sunday was the auction; the auctioneer said Kaitlyn had a million dollar smile. Yesterday was Rabbit Bowl....Mr. Lego's team got 1st place in seniors and Bookworm finally got a Rabbit Bowl pin by placing in 3rd for the juniors.

What I'm looking forward to: Sleeping. Getting the house back in order. Spending time at the pool later this week.

A picture to share:

 ~The kids and their ribbons.


  1. LOVE all those ribbons!! You were missed, but it sounds like it was for some really great reasons. :)


  2. Missed you SO much too...and I am so glad this only happens once a year. :-)

  3. Wait, I thought you said the goat didn't make weight.. How are then did the "kids" get in the fair. Sorry couldn't resist. Congratulations on the ribbons and sale of wabbits!

    Have a great, restful week. I'd help with laundry, but I just had to fix my dryer and was way behind on my own.. Okay, I wouldn't really help, but I thought I would sound helpful. I know how you feel and I didn't even have a busy weekend like you did.

    My girl is in England.. I miss her!

  4. LOL Lori Ann! You do sound so helpful. In fact, I thought of you when I saw all that laundry. I thought, "Well this is a normal week for Lori Ann." :-)

    I can't wait to hear how B's trip was!

  5. Congrats on all the ribbons - they did a great job!


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