How Does My Garden Grow?

My garden post.

I started planting over a month ago...some tomatoes went in and then lettuce, radishes, and carrots.

But last week I did the bulk of the planting (which still isn't very much), and then went out a couple of days ago to take photos.

I love before and after photos.

I will look at these in 4 months and think that it was all worth it.

The deck.

We live in an area where, if you dig more than 6 inches below the surface, you find hard clay. Really hard stuff. Which most of the plants don't do well in. So I am slowly putting more and more plants on the deck and this year added.....


I LOVE these wine barrels.

Anyone in my area getting rid of any? Give me a call, please.

I have climbing beans in both of these.

Whenever I see these little bean arms climbing up the trellis, I think about God. He cares for these little plants and ordains them to climb like that which is amazing; he must take care of me so much more.

In betweenst the beans I planted Morning Glorys which are just starting to come up.

I have my lettuce planter box on there too...

These were planted in late March and will be harvested soon.

Here is some baby lettuce coming up....

....and my green onions, growing away.

Also on the deck are the cucumbers....

And also the pesky mint. This my friends, is the only place to grow mint, or else it will take over the whole backyard.

Each of my sweet girls picked some flowers to plant; every time I look out my kitchen window and see these I smile.

And every winter I see the spot in our yard where the roses come up, the spot which gets the best sun in the whole yard, and swear I am going to pull them out so the vegetables can go there.

But then I see this in the summer....and change my mind.

Bookworm started her own little garden straight into the dirt which includes lettuce, carrots, and radishes.

The snails and slugs have not found it yet; probably because they are waging war on my raised beds on the other side of the yard. (Score so far? The slugs took out all 6 of my snap pea plants and are munching away at the basil...see below for my counterplot.)

Here are the raised beds on the other side of the yard....

... and my tomatoes.

I only have 5 in so far....I am debating doing a couple on the deck so I can compare with how they do in good dirt.

The herb garden is mostly from last year....the strawberries, lavender, oregano, rosemary all made it through the winter. I have planted onions and the poor basil plant in the back.

You can see my retribution for the slugs in the orange They love the stuff, fall in and get drunk, then can't get out. HA-HA.

 And my pride and joy.....Comfrey.

For some reason this incredible herb (nicknamed the bone-knitter), loves my dirt and yard. Every year it comes back even bigger than before. This year, I plan on drying some of the leaves so I can take advantage during the winter of all the good stuff this herb can do.

I still have work to do.....there are two zucchini plants sitting on our patio that are going to go here....

....and I still want to plant more tomatoes and keep going with the lettuce and carrots.

And finally, since we are talking about things that are growing, here are our baby rabbits.

These are our market rabbits which we are taking to the fair in three weeks. THREE WEEKS! Time sure is flying and we have lots to do before then. I am sure it will be an adventure.

What kinds of things are you growing in your garden?


  1. That looks so lovely Charlotte!! You have a beautiful backyard and did a good job. Harvesting God's bounty is so pleasant a thing!!

  2. Such fun! I love the photos. Can't wait to see the end result!


  3. Thanks, ladies! I have enjoyed it so far....we'll see how much we'll get this year! :-)


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