Math. The very word sends at least 2 of my children running to clean the bathrooms, fold laundry, disinfect the rabbit cages....anything but doing math. But math is so very important; one thing I have learned as a homeschooling mom is that retaining the math facts is key to succeeding in higher math levels.

CapJaxMathFax is here to help, and gives your children another way to practice their math facts.


What it is:

This downloadable math facts program is $29.95. I didn't have any trouble downloading it but a couple of other members on The Crew did have some problems.

You can play this three different ways. First, for those young students who have trouble finding the number keys on the computer, they can play "Keyboard Practice". A number pops up with an equals sign (4=  ) and your child then types that number. When the correct number is entered the time it took to answer is displayed. Once your child is familiar with the keyboard you can progress to the other two sections; older children would obviously not need the Keyboard Practice and would begin immediately with either "Play For Rating" or "Practice". 

Choosing Practice lets you or your child tailor the math facts they will be doing. You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You could do just one function or all four at the same time. You can also choose from numbers 1-10 (the program calls this levels), if you want to add twelves to the facts, negative numbers, even how long the "Super Seconds" last. You can practice all the numbers or just focus on one number family.

You can also select a box called Word Thinkers. These were really neat and when I played them, threw me for a loop. Some of the problems that came up were 6 larger than 1 (6 + 1), 5 removed from 7 (7 - 5), 6 groups of 5 (6 x 5), and 1/5 of 15 (15 divided by 5). This was a great way to have your children practice for those pesky word problems!

The other section you can choose from on the home page is Play for Rating. When your child begins this section they enter their name and begin with addition, and work through subtraction, then multiplication and division. A graph is conveniently visible to the left as they progress and every 10 problems their score is displayed, like this:


For any of these problems, when the child answers in a certain amount of time or within the Super Seconds timer, the word SUPER is displayed. (The default time for this is 3 seconds.) If the answer takes a bit longer the child sees RIGHT. And when a wrong answer is entered, the display says TRY AGAIN.


You can see above the format and different choices to the right.

So what did we think?

All four of my children spent time with CapJaxMathFax. My younger two worked primarily with the addition and subtraction facts, and focused on practicing the different levels. My older two started out with the Play For Rating part. When you choose this section you must start with addition and go through all the facts, which for my oldest turned out to be a bit boring and tedious. But like I say, you can never do too many math facts. I did wish that we could have enlarge the window the program came up in; it was large enough to see the numbers and words well, but our desktop was visible around the window and might have been distracting for my youngest.

 No one was jumping up and down for joy about this, but who really does when it comes to doing repetitive math facts? They did think that it was a little boring, and my one daughter thought that it would have been fun if it was more like a game. But they faithfully did the program as their math facts practice each day (with a little prompting from me), and yesterday my third child felt that she knew her 7's and 8's math facts better because of doing this.


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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, for my honest and humble review. All opinions are mine.


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