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A couple of weeks ago we had a special visitor.

My almost 95 year-old grandpa.

He flew down from Oregon, which is a feat in itself, to spend some time with my dad and eventually a day with us.

And what a fun day it was with all of us together.

My grandpa is tired a lot of the time, not much of a conversationalist now, but enjoyed watching the kids play with their grandpa. (a.k.a. my dad)

He played a game he used to play with me when I was little; he would put his palms on the back of my hands and I would try my hardest to get my hands on top of his. Nearly impossible for a young one.

I love this photo. Nutsy and my dad have such joy on their faces.

Dasher had a turn too.

Of course games were played.....

...lots of laughter too.

All the while, my grandpa just sat.

95 years of life.

He was born in 1917, when World War I was in full swing. A postage stamp was 2 cents, dial phones were still 2 years away from being used, and the average family made $750 a year. No television, jet engines, frozen food, band aides, traffic signals, or bubble gum. (Bubble gum I could live without but band aides?)

What incredible things has he witnessed?

The depression, World War II, computers, rockets to outer space, the internet....we have advanced so much in the last 95 years and he saw so much.

He saw death, life, joy and sadness...yet through it all his faith was and still is, strong.

One of my fondest memories of him is that every time we left from visiting my grandparents house, he would lead us in prayer.

Where have these feet walked?

From Texas, to Nebraska, to Colorado, to Southern and Northern California, to Oregon.....a life well lived.

What have these hands done?

They have pushed the lawn mower, taken out the trash, held a worn Bible, burped a baby, and helped little grandchildren into his big chair.

What does he think about?

Over the years conversations have gotten harder to have with him but of this I am sure; he knows that he is saved from his sins by the blood of the lamb, and that wherever God has taken him or will lead him to, he is secure in grace.

And though his days on earth may be few, I know that he is comforted in knowing where he will be spending eternity. Such a blessed comfort.

And such joy, being with family.


  1. This is a really beautiful post, Charlotte.


  2. What a beautiful testimony of God's goodness, and what honor you are showing your grandfather. Blessed be the Lord, and blessed be His people. (((hugs)))

  3. Thank you so much Melissa; it is such a blessing to have godly parents and grandparents, and such a joy to have my children have a special relationship with them. I know you feel the same! Give my love to your sweet family and hugs to you! :-)

  4. What a precious time with family! Love all the pics! I think it's so wonderful that your grandpa was able to come visit - what a gift for your children to be able to know him. I wish B could have known my grandpa (mom's dad) - they would have gotten along well. Sadly he passed away right after B was born. All the rest of our grandpas were gone well before B was born. Grandparents are truly a treasure!

  5. I visited your blog this evening to follow you as a fellow TOS Crew member. This post caught my eye -- and made me cry (in a good way!). My great-grandfather was 90 when he passed away 7 years ago. Such wonderful memories from my childhood from time spent with him. My husband's grandfather was 95 when he passed away 2 years ago. He was a farmer and we really miss him this time of year as he shared with us about planting and tending livestock. Thank you for the pause in my otherwise busy day.

  6. Thank you so much for commenting, Hillary! You are right, it is such a blessing to have our grandparents living so long, and that our children can have relationships with them. Blessings, and have a wonderful week!


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