Flower Fruits

In honor of the change in season, I thought I would share this easy and fun way to cheer up spring.

Like it actually really needs any cheering, with all the flowers and trees in bloom right now. But I like to eat and I know you do too, and I couldn't resist sharing how to make these.

First, assemble your fruit and supplies.



Yummy cantaloupe.

Fun, festive toothpicks.

And 2 smallish, flower-shaped cookie cutters.

Slice rather thin slices from the fruit with a sharp knife.

Take your cutters and get to work.

The cantaloupe was the smaller flower....

....and I used the larger flower cutter for the pineapple.

The pineapple was a bit hard to push down through; so we used our big knife to give our hands a rest.

Assemble all the pieces, put a grape on top, and skewer to hold all with a toothpick.

The perfect job for little hands.

And these pretty flower fruits were a nice addition to the tea we had at our Spring Fine Arts day at co-op this week.

Happy Spring!


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