Spring Is Here

Spring is here. Officially, yesterday was the first day of Spring.

And Spring means baby animals.

The two baby goats at the farm where our goat lives.

So stinkin' cute.

Even with alien eyes.

And other babies....

...these 5 day old baby rabbits are the ones we are hoping to take to market at fair.

We are still trying to make friends with the goats (There are those alien eyes again.)

 The rains worked in our favor and made the yard so muddy, that the goats will gladly stay in the small lean to. There we can corner them and let them know that we're not trying to chase them but we want to be friends.

I love Spring.


  1. I love it too. I will be glad when the rain is done. Even though we need it, I will be happy that the mud goes away! Our poor chickens - eee gads! LOL

    :) Kate

  2. Soooo CUTE!!! What a perfect post to celebrate the beginning of Spring! :)

  3. Kate, the rain has been so hard this last week. There is a lot of planting and garden work I want to start, but not in the rain. And your chickens would be so funny in the rain!

    Thanks, Lisa! :-)

  4. Funny - yes, they are funny (and MUDDY.) It is pretty gross! LOL

    :+) Kate


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