The Goat Adventure Begins

As you have probably heard, we now have a goat.

Last Thursday, to be exact, was the day we got him. It was also the day that my son got butted in the head. The day my heart almost stopped, and the day that we ran crazy pell-mell, across a busy street.

Chasing our new goat.

The day started at the goat farm, where we peeked in on some baby goats.

These were only a few days old and were the cutest, sweetest, little things.

We went back to where the older goats lived and picked out 2 goats, one for us and one for my friend. We loaded them into our car, (into a carrier of course,) and drove them to their new home.

We made sure the pen was safe and sound, and went to get the goats out of the car. This was when things started going south.

Those goats were not happy. They were probably pretty freaked out, after being removed from their nice pasture, stuffed into a carrier, and taken on a windy car ride. So when Mr. Lego went to get our goat, he did what goats do when they are mad, he butted what was coming towards him and ran. Fast.

Straight for the busy street that my friend lives on.

He ran across the street, (where thankfully no cars were crossing at the time,) and into an elementary school.

This was at about 3:30, so regular classes weren't going on, but there were people milling around, some kids on the playground, and daycare kids in a couple classrooms.

One of my first thoughts was that I was going to either end up on the Six o'clock News, or get the cops after us, or both.

Goats run fast. I didn't know how fast, but this one was running faster than any of us could go. After a few minutes we had lots of people trying to help; right off the bat I knew we needed to corner him and get him that way, but some people kept running straight at him which made him turn right around and run the other way.

A few times he started to head back out to the street, but then he would turn and go back towards the playground. Finally he got up into the walkways by the classrooms. This turned out to be a good thing; the cement was pretty slick so it slowed him down, and then there were more spaces to trap the poor fellow. Bookworm was the one who made the catch, with Mr. Lego right there to help.

And sorry, I took no photos of the chase. When you see your entire 4-H project running away from you, taking pictures doesn't even enter your mind. (It was funny, I had my point and click camera around my wrist when it all started, and when it was over, my camera was gone. I thought I had dropped it in the chase so I had the kids go back and look around; then one of them found it on the front seat of my car.....I must of thrown it in there when I ran past to the school.)

The crisis was over and so we went to see our goats.

Meet Legolas.

(He's the one on the right.)

These goats were pretty wild, so we started out with bribes to get them to like us.....yummy grain mix.

These guys are just too cute.

A couple of days later we had them de-horned. This is required by our fair and is a good idea if you don't want your goats catching their horns in a fence.

This was also when we found out that Legolas is a girl, and since we just can't get around having a female named Legolas, we renamed her to Arwen.

The de-horning went pretty smoothly; now our goal in the next couple of weeks is to make friends with her.

A little Alfalfa helps too.

The other big goal is to fatten her up.

Eat up, Arwen.

Life, which keeps on going, is always an adventure.


  1. Such a great story!! Love the photos. :)

    So glad you were able to do this!


  2. Thanks, Kate! Goats are lots of fun.....hint, hint. :-)

  3. Best wishes with Arwen! I'm sure your family will love her. :-)

  4. This was a wonderful read, Charlotte. Love it! Thanks for sharing your family's adventures with us. :)
    I think when our boys get older we will be doing 4-H. And since there is a goat farm across the road from us, I have the feeling goats will be one of our first projects. (Plus, I am interested in the possibility of having goat's milk around, so that may be something we eventually pursue... maybe...) By the time I delve into the world of goats, hopefully you will have lots of wisdom to share with me!

  5. Thanks, Melissa. We know next to nothing about the goats; we are only going to have the goat for the 3 months before our fair and then we will auction her off. Which is sad because if we could own the goat all year I would love to work with the milk and try to make cheese, use the fur for felting or fiber excited that you might be doing that someday! And so far I really like the 4H organization. :-)


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