Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I can barely whisper this morning. I started losing my voice over the weekend and yesterday I must have talked way too much, because croaking out a whisper is all I can do today. This will make for an interesting school day.....

What I'm reading: I finished Across Five Aprils and would highly recommend it. For fun I picked up a big fat book at the library last week, Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. I will either feel motivated to try some stuff, or feel woefully un-crafty when I'm finished looking through it.

What I'm listening to: Bookworm is sitting behind me doing her's quite challenging helping her with no voice. The little girls are upstairs and Mr. Lego is reading a book about Shakespeare at the table.

What we're learning: This week in history we are learning about William Shakespeare, Tokugawa Japan, and Sir Francis Bacon. Presentation boards are finished so the older two are madly memorizing and practicing, and in science we are beginning a new section on insects.

What I'm watching: The rain come down. This little storm we are having caught me by surprise; I didn't even know that rain was in the forecast.

What's cooking: This week I am making Chinese Fried Rice, Morrocan Chicken in the crock-pot, and a Sausage and Spinach Risotto. For breakfast I have been enjoying my homemade yogurt with a tablespoon of my friend's granola on top....I am almost finished with the granola so if I have time I would like to make some of my own granola later this week.

What I'm buying: I can't think of anything I need to get this week; later this week I am doing our monthly shopping and so I'd better get scooting with my menu planning.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for my friends. They are real, they encourage, laugh and cry with me....thank you Lord for my good friends.

What I'm creating: This week we are breeding the rabbits for county fair. This will be the make-it or break-it litters for our 4-H project so we really need these babies.

What I'm praying: For the future spouses of my children. Somewhere out there, there are three boys and one girl that I will welcome as my own child someday. I pray that they would remain pure, and would be drawn to the Lord, in His grace and mercy.

What I'm planning: Today we are planning to go check out a baby goat that we might be getting. And the kids have some things they need to do for our rabbit project and Presentation Day. They need to work on their geography as there is a big test coming up, and I need to go find a couple of crickets (most likely at the pet store) for our study in science this week.

What we did this last weekend: We helped to surprise one of our friends for their birthday on Saturday....he was mostly surprised and we all had a fun time. Sunday we had church and then had a couple families over for BBQ pork sandwiches and good fellowship. Then back to church for evening worship.

What I'm looking forward to: Getting my voice back....soon, I hope. Drinking the lovely cup of French Vanilla tea next to me. Seeing the sun after the rain come out later today.

A picture to share:

~I had no idea what photo to put on here this week, until Mr. Lego asked me to take on of him and his rabbit Bucky.


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