Birthday Quiz - Mr. Lego

My son is 15 today. 

The boy I gave birth to, my first-born; who would run into my arms for hugs and kisses without abandon. He still hugs me, but they are now from someone who is 4 inches taller than me. He is as close as you can get to being a man and seems about tall enough to be one too. 

My boy is growing up.

Today I sat him down to ask him some questions. This, from my son who doesn't talk too much.

What is your favorite food? 
Everything, except for the things below.
I do like shrimp, hamburgers and pizza.

What do you not like eating? 
Mint, mustard, and raw tomatoes.
(This has not changed in at least 10 years.)

How about your favorite color? 
Blue and black.
(When he was little he loved white)

What is your favorite subject in school right now? 
History. It's interesting.

What are you looking forward to this year?  
The fair. The rides and the food.(No offense, mom. I like your food too.) 
I am looking forward to our camping trip too.
(The boy does like to eat)

What do you enjoy doing most? 
Playing sports. Football and basketball. I like building 
Star Wars things out of Legos. Putting up 
posters in my room.
(Two walls are completely covered.)

Where is your favorite place to be?  
I like going to a park. Playing football and basketball there are great.

What is one of your favorite memories from this last year? 
I really liked getting reserve in show at the county fair last year with my rabbit.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (When you're 20) 
I'll still be me. Maybe in the military or in school. 
I might like to be a mechanic in the National Guard.
(When he was little he wanted to be a fireman.)

In 20 years? (When you're 35)
I'll be old. I would have my own place. Maybe having a family, 
but I'm not sure. Working at my job.
(Yup, when I was 15, 35 seemed old)

What do you like best about having three sisters?
I can tell them what to do. They play with me
 and will play basketball and football with me. 
I like playing hide and seek with them.
(They do get along pretty well.)

Happy 15th birthday, my son.

Your Momma


  1. I cannot believe he's 15!! That sounds so old to me. Its the age I was when I first realized I had a crush on Jason - how crazy is that?!
    I loved this post. Fun to hear his side of things.

    I realized today, when I did the post with Ethan, I don't sit and listen to just HIM that often. Its usually him and his sisters and let's be honest, they talk way more than he does ;-)
    Today we were out just the two of us and he told me he likes being with just me. I forget sometimes that while boys love Daddy and me time, they need that time with Mommy as well.

    Again, loved this post. It was very sweet - thank you!

    And Happy Birthday to our twin, Jimmy!

  2. Stef, it scares me that he is that old....old enough to have feelings for girls, to start working soon...I am so not ready for this. :-)

    And that was one of the things that I realized after we sat and talked....part of his growing up has been that communication is more difficult. Bookworm tells me everything and we have a very open relationship. I remember telling my mom about all my feelings too, but with boys it is different. My friends who have sons have shared that it is very common that boys start shutting in around puberty. Which I have noticed big time. And so doing this post made me realize that he will open up when prompted, and that I need to make a deliberate effort to do so with him.

    And Happy Birthday to you two as well! :-)

  3. And I didn't say this in the post, but a lot of the questions required some serious prompting...."why do you like this? Can you think of anything else you would say if someone asked you this?....anything??

    The challenge of sons.... :-)

  4. Loved this Charlotte!! Just can't believe he's 15. Sigh. It really made me laugh when he said he would be "old" at 35! :) And I like that he like to tell his sisters what to do. Too funny! I have to remember to ask B these questions. Oh and we had a convo with B recently where we really tried to draw him out on answering some questions instead of the usual "I don't know" or "not really", etc. Got a few surprising answers too. We had to emphasize to him that it's OK to talk with us about these things. But I know we'll still have to be the ones to ask rather than wait to hear from him. :)

  5. I can't believe it either...and B is right behind him! The whole boys and communication thing is tricky...i don't want to make a huge deal of it, but it does seem like it is harder for them to express themselves. I'm glad you're working on it too! :-)

  6. And I was just bemoaning my daughter turning seven, its all happening tooooo fast!!!!

  7. Exactly, Rebecca! It goes way too fast.... :-)


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