This week has been a busier one, and I had a couple of blog posts rolling around in my head; but they just didn't get put out on paper.

Among the many things I did, was organizing all the miscellaneous papers in the school room. And I had to make that awful decision about the countless art drawings that just can't be kept. One solution I came up with was to scan the favorites onto our computer, where they will take up much less space and still be kept forever.

And I thought I would share some of them with you....

 ~The Mushrooms
{by Dasher}

{by Mr. Lego}

Riding Into The Sunset
{by Bookworm}

A Sunny Day
{by Nusty}

A picture is a poem
without words.


  1. Beautiful! Your family has natural artists.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! The art instruction in our co-op has helped a lot with the older ones. :-)

  3. Rachel will get a big kick out of these drawings! She's our artist in our family :)

  4. I know where two of those came from, but I really love the horse/sunset one. She has such a good eye!!

    Love you and your peeps.

  5. Kate, we wouldn't be such artists if it wasn't for our artsy co-op day..... :-) Love you too, dear friend.


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