Christmas Letter 2011

Dear Friends & Family,

2011. A year where we saw God's hand in our own lives and in those around us. Through tears of grief and days of immense joy we know that His plan is perfect. May we continue to remember His faithfulness as we reflect on the past year and think of the year to come.

James has continued to work for the same company. He is managing the Outdoor Advertising division and enjoys his job there. We are very thankful that through this economic downturn he is still employed and as we look to the future we continue to ask the Lord to sustain his job. Charlotte is busy with the homeschooling and homemaking; now that our youngest is in first grade, we have 4 children being homeschooled full time. We are still a part of a small co-op with 3 other families from our church; Charlotte has enjoyed teaching science and literature so far this year to the children in the group.

Mr. Lego (J) is now 14, soon to be 15 in just about 6 weeks. He is a fraction of an inch shorter than dad and is still growing. This year we enrolled him in a homeschooling Lego engineering class once a week. He has really enjoyed his time there and has learned a lot. In his spare time he enjoys building things and reading. Bookworm (K) is now 12 and becoming a sweet young lady. Her favorite thing to do is to read of course, but she does enjoy knitting and crocheting as well. Over the summer a young lady in our church taught some of the younger girls how to sew and Bookworm enjoyed that immensely. Dasher (A) just turned 11 last week. She enjoys doing math in school and loves our literature time. She also loves doing the experiments in our science class. She loves animals and plays with the rabbits and bird almost every day. Nutsy (E) is now a big 6. She is really enjoying school and says that phonics is her favorite subject. She loves to play with dolls and kitchen toys.

We are still involved in 4-H. We have 5 rabbits right now and are really hoping that we can breed for the county fair this next year. We are still learning lots in the rabbit project; Mr. Lego is a teen leader and helps to lead the meetings every month. The other project we are involved in is the Leadership project. Mr. Lego is our club secretary and Bookworm is a Sergeant-at-Arms; so far this year they have learned lots about public speaking and assertiveness through the leadership opportunities and presentations. Our parakeet, Sunny Honey, wakes us every morning with his chirping. He is very friendly and loves it when we let him out of his cage.

We are thankful for all of you that keep in touch; it is a blessing to see how God has worked in your lives. May you continue to trust in His perfect faithfulness in the coming year.

The Joyful Hearts Family

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  1. Beautiful pictures of your beautiful family. May the Lord bless you during the coming year.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love hearing what your family is up to!

  3. Thanks you! And I am so thankful to hear how both of your families are doing through Facebook and your blog.

    Blessings! :-)

  4. Merry Christmas to your whole family!
    And I love your pictures. As usual. :)

  5. Thanks, Melissa! Have a blessed Christmas with your precious family too!

  6. Absolutely beautiful - all of you and your letter! :+)

  7. Love the photos! Your second daughter looks very similar to you!!
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  8. Thanks, Kate! We love your family too! :-)

  9. Wonderful update Charlotte! And I love all the pics - just beautiful! Happy New Year!! See you soon. :)


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