Yes, Those Are Real Pliers

I have been videoing more lately....I still can't get into the mentality that my camera can also video.

And while talking to my dad the other day, I mentioned that we videoed the tooth pulling episode over the weekend and he wanted to see it.

So here is Nutsy, getting her very loose tooth pulled out by My Sweetie and a pair of real (but clean) pliers.

For you, dad......

And you can see I still need to improve my cinematography skills; like any good photographer, I turned the camera to fit the image and accidentally recorded sideways.


  1. oh my goodness! my kids got a kick out of this :)
    Ethan says "she is WAY too brave."

  2. Thanks, Kate! After Bookworm, Nutsy is the next bravest. (She also had a tooth coming in behind that one and so the baby one had to come out. And being bribed to have Daddy pull it out for some candy helped too....)

  3. Stef, you'll have to tell Ethan that her tooth was quite loose, but was so teeny that our fingers couldn't pull it out. And according to her, it didn't hurt at all. :-)


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