Ten on Ten

{9am The little girls are doing a U.S. State puzzle}

{10am My hot cup of tea is sitting on top of 
our school books, ready for our together-school}

{11am - A chilly morning calls for school done in 
front of a nice fire}

{12pm Lunch is a hot bowl of Miso with rice}

(1pm After school with the little girls, it is time to tackle the dishes}

{2pm Still raining outside}

{3pm I remember the forgotten laundry from this morning}

{4pm A soft candle on the mantle as evening comes}

{5pm With a few free minutes before dinner preparations,
I cut out my table runner}

{6pm Dinner is clam chowder with sourdough bread}

ten on ten button small


  1. Nice photos! I have the same coffee mugs/dish set. ;)

  2. I forgot about this! I was gonna try and do this, this month. Oh well. I'll try for next :)

    The soups look delicious! Especially clam chowder. I'm a fan :)
    We've had rain all day too. Every so often it abruptly stops, the sky turns blue, the sun comes out and we run outside to play... just in time for more rain.
    I do love this time of year though and I find that I want to cook a lot more and be in the kitchen more. Probably not good for my already disappearing waistline ;-)

  3. @rebekahdawn, thanks for commenting! I only have 2 mugs in that pattern that someone gave me as a gift. They would be beautiful as a plate set too!

  4. @Stef, I had to put it on my calendar to remember. :-)

    I am so not ready for the rain yet, and it does make me want to cook soups and pies and things like that that I don't really need....

  5. for some reason I eat healthier and stay in better shape during the winter months. I think its because the heat really wears me out. I just want to lay on the couch with ice water when its hot...

  6. Stef, that is exactly me too!

    I don't exercise regularly during the summer....I think I talk myself out of it because we will go on bike rides and go swimming and are generally more active. But I totally exercise all of fall and winter.

    Eating healthy? Well, I struggle with that all year round..... :-)

  7. I love all these pics Charlotte!! The best part is how they tell the story of your day by just looking at them. And I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who forgets about the laundry - LOL! Hugs! :)


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