Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am really thankful we live in a small house. We sure can mess it up pretty fast, but it can get cleaned up quickly too. It also keeps me from hanging onto things I don't need.

What I'm reading: I picked up a book at the library last week: The Ultimate Guide to Homesteading by Nicole Faires. It is mostly a fun read; I am really enjoying the section on homemade soaps and candles. Someday.....

What I'm listening to: Right this moment? Legos being pushed around upstairs, the bird chirping in the kitchen and someone else talking quietly upstairs.

What we're learning: This week Dasher is doing narrations and copywork from different selections by Hans Christian Andersen and the older children are learning about prime time longitude in geography. In history we are learning about Suleiman and the Ottoman Turks, Zwingli and the Swiss Reformation, and the Anabaptist Movement. We have co-op this week and of course, Mr. Lego's Lego Robotics class.

What I'm watching: We spent an evening over the weekend watching The Andy Griffith Show. We are all fans of this fun show and love sitting back to watch Sheriff Taylor and Barney-Parney-Poo. :-)

What's cooking: Tonight I am using my crockpot to make General Tso's Chicken. It looks super easy so we will see how it comes out.

What I'm buying: I can't think of anything I missed in my big shopping trips last week....give me a few days and I am sure I will think of something.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for my friends. Friends who see a need and step up and help out, friends who encourage and hug, friends who laugh with you...friends that are right there with you on the road of life.

What I'm creating: A clean pantry. Last night the kids found a couple black bugs in my mixing bowl and I had seen one on the ground earlier last week, so my plan after school today is to pull everything out and deep clean the cupboards. Fun.

What I'm praying: That I would not see any good in myself and expect God's grace, but that this week I would remember that "Nothing in my hands I bring; simply to Thy cross I cling....."

What I'm planning: I probably need to get out sooner rather than later to pull up our summer garden. I got really discouraged this year; we only harvested a handful of my heirloom tomatoes, a couple cucumbers and we lost a zucchini plant early in the season. I am going to give gardening a rest until next spring....

What we did this last weekend: I ran errands on Saturday, then we had a yummy chicken stir fry for dinner that night. Sunday we heard a convicting sermon on Matthew 3 and then Sunday School after that. After church we went over to a new friend's house and had a fun time getting to know them and their kids better.

What I'm looking forward to: Now that I know there are bugs living in my pantry I am really looking forward to cleaning them out.....

A picture to share:

~This child can always make me laugh.


  1. UGG! Bugs are no fun in the house especially your pantry. :(

  2. Last night I cleaned it out and found a bag of pasta that was infested. I did research on the internet and they were weevils and the scary thing - they usually get into the bags at the packaging plant and come home from the store! And guess what store.....Trader Joe's! AAACCKK!

    I am seriously grossed out right now..... :-)

  3. haha! I loved the picture :-D

    We love the Andy Griffith Show! I have them on DVD and Ethan especially has recently gotten very into them.
    I tackled my pantry today. When we moved in my morning sickness had just become horrible and so I kind of tossed stuff in there and never really organized it. Bugs in the pantry would NOT be fun :(

  4. Thanks, Stef!

    I love that the kids can watch The Andy Griffith Show right with us too. And I am glad you are feeling well enough now to do the more involved cleaning. I am so happy for you and am keeping you and your little one in my prayers!


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