Ten On Ten

I saw this fun post on a couple of blogs recently and although I don't regularly read the blog that this idea comes from I do want to give credit to where this cool idea came from.

ten on ten button

So the deal is this: on the 10th of every month take 1 photo every hour.

Here is September 10th at our house....

{9am - getting my beans into the crock pot for dinner tonight.}

{10am - the girlies brought these pretty flowers in and then when they realized I was taking a photo, used a paper towel for the backdrop.}

{11am - we just got back from a used book sale and I am cataloging the books we had just purchased}

{12pm - Bookworm and Mr. Lego playing Star Wars Monopoly}

{1pm - Mr. Lego doing some Saturday chores and organizing in the garage.}

{2pm - still doing chores with Bookworm cleaning blinds}

{3pm - cooling off with a swim in the pool.}

{4pm - My Sweetie and Mr. Lego pulled our computer out to clean it and run updates}

{5pm - Spanish rice to go with the beans....Tostadas for dinner!}

{6pm - playing Up The River with the kids and eating dessert. My Sweetie is wondering when I will put the camera away.....}

Life. Is. Real.


  1. this was really neat and fun to look through!

  2. Thanks, Stef! I had fun doing it. :-)


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