Blog Remodel

I really enjoy writing on my blog.
But I don't normally *look* at my blog.
I write and hit publish post, read the comments in my email and reply...but I usually don't peruse my blog.
(Although my kids read the back posts all the time.)
I was looking over it a couple days ago and thought that it was high time I changed a couple things, at least the pictures.
This is because the photo I had of Nutsy up there is when she was 4, which was 2 years ago.

I don't enjoy re-decorating....when we moved into our home I painted, put prints on the walls, chose what cute things would go on shelves.....and they have pretty much stayed that way since.
That was 11 years ago.
So I am playing around with things, at least on my blog.

I changed the header, but now it is too big.....I don't think you need to see the inside of my family's nostrils when you read my Monday Musings.
I changed the color....gray is a lovely background for photos.
And I also realized that Blogger doesn't offer you much in template choices.
I am not willing to pay for a design, so I'll keep tweaking it.

So, what do you like to see on my blog sidebars?
What I am of the kids.....other blogs I, anyone?
And while you're giving me advice, are there other sites on the internet where I can download free blog templates?

And I do know that if you subscribe to my blog, (I know who you are) :-) You never see anything except the post, on a boring, white background in your email box. If you feel the urge, you can click on the title of my post, which will send you to my blog and you can see what I am talking about.

And with life the way it is right now, with my blog not that high on my priority list, these changes may not be complete for a while.
So bear with me, my friends.
I am a work in progress, just like my blog.


  1. I also commented on FB but figured I'd commit here too. =)
    I like the change. Let me know if you want me to create something for you!! =)

  2. Thanks, Leslie. I do like it too. And if you have the time I would love for you to make me a new header....any ideas? And don't you think our photo is too big above? :-)

  3. I like it! My blog background is free and its from They have such cute designs, its ridiculous! I think you will find one there you like :)

  4. Thanks for the tip, Melanie! I will check out that site. :-)

  5. It's nice to change things around every so often and of course I love that photo on your header! Another good source for lots of free blog backgrounds and accessories is Also, I could show you how to play with a couple things in Blogger on Friday if we have a few minutes. We could play with the header too. See you soon! :)

  6. Thanks, Lisa. Your blog is very cute! I'll see you Friday! :-)


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