Church Camping Trip 2011

2 weeks ago today we were camping with our church. 2 weeks ago, dirt was everywhere and the bathrooms were a 7 minute walk away. It is so funny to me how clean and organized I am most of the time, and how that all flies out the window when we are camping. But I guess when all the people around you have dirty faces, you don't notice it as much.

This year we went to the same place that we did last year.
Something else we did a little differently was to share our kitchen space with two other families.

We are not big time campers....see our cute little kitchen set up below?

Well my two friends had the Julia Child-Kitchens of camping that they graciously shared with us.

And let me tell you, when you wash 26 dishes and clean up from each meal all working together, it goes pretty fast. (Yes, our three families have 20 children between us.)

The lake was a 6 minute drive down the hill from our groups site, and since no one wanted to walk all the way back up, we carpooled.

The lake was as rocky as ever....

....but the water was the perfect temperature.

The older kids had this super fun raft to play on too, which, one afternoon the mom's commandeered and then ended up way down near the boat docks.

Remember this from last year?
Of course we all went back again.

And yes, I did jump again...this time I stood on the ledge for about 20 seconds and then took the plunge.

You can barely see me in my blue suit.

I jumped once.
Mr. Lego jumped 18 times. (Yes, he counted)
My Sweetie was so brave and jumped three times, and Bookworm jumped numerous times from the cement ledge.

We ate great food.

Our annual Camp Taco Night...

And these little babies....I am planning to share more about them in a later post.

Of course there was the evening fire...

This is what I brought to contribute and let me tell you, it transformed our S'mores into gooey wonderfulness.

We played games until way past bedtime....

Speed Scrabble is the best.

And Cocktails was a big hit too.

Every morning we would gather for singing and a devotional; our pastor went through Philippians 2 during our study time which was super encouraging and convicting.

We had great fellowship and wonderful conversations....

...and of course our talent show on the last night.

The kids did some funny skits, the men all serenaded us with camp memories and of course, the Chubby Bunnies competition.

Mr. Lego and My Sweetie both stuffed their faces with marshmallows.... they did great, but neither of them won.

By the end of the trip the ice had melted, we were all filthy, and we were ready to be sleeping in our nice beds at home again.

We had a great time and can't wait until next year!


  1. Nutella on s'mores?! Why Charlotte, that's utterly brilliant!!

  2. I think when we go camping for the first time as a family, I'm going to find that I'm a similar camper to you. I will need a kitchen set up and I don't think I'll completely enjoy the dirty, messy life. I know my kids will though, so I'll pretend I do, for them :)

    The rock wall! I remember that. So fun.
    The Nutella for S'mores?! My goodness.... why haven't I thought of that? I use Nutella for just about everything else!

    Now I'm curious what the little bites of food were you were eating... they looked yummy. Some type of pork in a bun or something? Hmmm......

    Looks like fun! Even the crazy marshmallow race :)

  3. Thanks Stef....I just have to ignore the dirt when we are camping. And those prairie settlers must have had such a high tolerance for mud and dirt!

    The Nutella was incredible and really transformed the S'mores.

    And those little bites have something to do with chocolate.... :-)


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