Water-Bottle Fight

Water fights are fun. Especially on very hot days. And last Sunday, it was burning hot here. Instead of hitting our neighborhood pool like we normally do, my Sweetie challenged our sweaty, hot offspring to a water fight.

Now when I think of water fights I think water balloons. But there are some disadvantages to water balloon fights.

It takes forever to fill them, and by the time you get enough for a decent fight, your index fingers are numb from stretching each and every balloon around the faucet. And if you are really trying to cool off, a water balloon fight is not the best answer; my kids have found that they usually just bounce off of the attackers and explode onto the ground, getting your ankles and feet all muddy. And those water balloons can hurt too.

So our family partakes in water-bottle fights.

All you need are those plastic, disposable water bottles.

And buckets of water.

And strong arms and good aim.

The trick is to blow the bottle back up after throwing the water.

That's why in this next photo my Sweetie looks like he's singing karaoke into the bottle.

Then you reload your bottle in the bucket of water and attack again.

Of course, there is smack talkin' too.

Which of course, leads to this:

Like all water fights, the ammo changes to bigger and better things as the fight progresses.

Enter the buckets.

Remember this photo from Tuesday's Musings?

You all know what happened next.....

And of course the buckets aren't enough, so the hose becomes part of the arsenal.

As you can see, our family takes water fights quite seriously.

They also learn pretty quick that every action has a re-action.

In other words, if you get Daddy, you are going to get soaked.

At this point the buckets become shields.

Notice that Dasher, Nutsy and obviously me, are not in the fight anymore.

They were off on the side, throwing water up into the air on themselves.

The fight wound down after a while, and we all sat on the deck in the sun that didn't seem so warm now.

The water-bottle fight a distant memory....


  1. This made me LOL and Ethan got the biggest kick out of seeing them! You guys know how to have an awesome DIY water-bottle fight! We might copy you soon :)
    I love that the bucket came out and then the hose... was someone cheating a bit? :)

  2. Thanks, Stef! Yes, it does seem like someone always gets the upper hand in these fights. But it is all good fun. :-)

  3. This is hilarious! Reminds me of being a teenager, and makes me look forward to crazy days like this that will come again before too many years pass by... :)

  4. Thanks, Melissa! It will come soon.... :-)

  5. Looks like so much fun Charlotte!! What a great way to cool off! We seriously have to get together before Summer is over!

  6. We do need to get together, Lisa! I'll PM you on Facebook. I miss you!


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