Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: That I am tired this morning. They don't release the rabbits from State Fair until after 10pm so that's where we were last night. I let the kids sleep in a bit this morning and I still feel like I am not completely awake yet.

What I'm reading: The last thing I read was my new issue of Cooking Light. I really like that magazine and the ideas and recipes I find in there.

What I'm listening to: If I listen real hard, I can hear chirping sounds coming from the garage. And that is because we babysat our friends baby chicks over the weekend. They are so cute and fun to watch.....someday I would love some chickens.

What we're learning: We learned a lot about showmanship this last week. The judge at State Fair was a bit eccentric, but gave some good tips on rabbits and rabbit knowledge. He was a completely different judge from last year, and was looking for completely different things, so the older two did not get called back. But they learned a lot.

What I'm watching: Red tomatoes from our garden sitting on the kitchen counter. I made a green bean, tomato and feta salad which we took to the fair one day, and I am so happy I had lots of cherry tomatoes from our garden to put in it.

What's cooking: With 3 days of State Fair last week, I missed my monthly shopping. So I really have no idea what we are eating this week....I am thinking something simple and easy.

What I'm buying: Just the normal things that are needed in life. Toilet paper...laundry soap....milk....pencils......

What I'm thankful for: I am thankful for my husband; who loves me, puts up with me, and does his best to lead and provide for our family.

What I'm creating: I am hoping to have some time to sit down and edit the photos I took over the last week. I am not sure if I will get a blog post out this week too; but I'll try.

What I'm praying: That God would continue to give His wisdom to me as a mom; as I train and nurture the children He has blessed me with.

What I'm planning: We have some busy things happening this week so I am getting things in order, making lists and planning fun times.

What we did this last weekend: We were at the fair all day Saturday. Then Sunday we went to church and had a relaxing afternoon and evening at home while we celebrated Nutsy's 6th birthday and my **th birthday. :-) Then back to the fair to pick up rabbits and home and in bed by 11:30.

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to spending time with family this week. We are hoping to do some swimming, a few walks, and maybe a trip to the river.

A picture to share:

~Nutsy and me, celebrating our birthdays.


  1. Love! :)

    You are such a treasure.

  2. loved the picture - very sweet.
    You've had a busy week with the fair! Jason and I have fond memories of going to the fair together when we were young.
    Enjoy your produce from your garden! I'm aching to have our own like that... getting tired of grocery store prices.

  3. Thanks Kate, I feel the same about you! :-)

  4. Thank you Stef! when I was young I only went to the State Fair once. And from what I remember, it is a totally different experience going with 4-H. And very soon you will have that big yard! (Hugs)


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