What is Growing In My Garden

I went out a couple weeks ago to look at the garden and take pictures. Then I completely forgot that I even did that, until yesterday when I downloaded photos off my camera.

And this is what I saw.

My roses, still covered in raindrops from the late May rain we had. (Such a distant memory today....it is 101 degrees right now...)

Lots and lots of these. I am salivating right now, thinking about bright, red tomatoes.

I am so happy with the Earth Box this year; I put the fertilizer in properly this time and the two zucchini plants in it are going nuts.

I planted flowers and lettuce in the planter box; all of my lettuce in the ground boxes succumbed to the slug army. They are too dumb to climb up into this planter box on the all-wood deck, so I am going to fill this one to the brim with lettuce the next time I plant.

Yes, there are little girls growing in my garden; I still haven't figured out how to slow them down, either.



Blooming lavender.

Gardening note: the slugs don't like the herbs.

And the strawberries; most of which fed the slug army this year, are in the perennial box so I am hoping they will come back next year.

Slowly but surely, my garden is growing.


  1. Beautiful! The strawberry looks so yummy and everything looks so lush and gorgeous! I'm aching to get our garden started at the new house.


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