This Week At Our House

This last week was a busier one. We had a day of joy, a day of sadness and other days mixed in between.

Last week we headed to a neighboring county for their county fair and to watch good friends of ours show their sheep.

It was pretty intense to watch, but my friend's son did win senior showmanship.

After that we headed to the midway for rides. We only got ten ride tickets for each child; which equals out to about 4 minutes of thrills.

All of the girls chose the Ferris Wheel....

...and then Bookworm's second choice was the Tornado.

My fearless 5 year-old chose this crazy ride to go on; after going on it 4 times at our fair she says it is her favorite.

Mr. Lego went on the Zipper and some other ride that kept doing flips...I didn't get any photos.

We had a joyful day, seeing two lovely people from our church begin their life together,

...and then a bittersweet day; my friend lost her earthly battle with cancer, but has run the race and is now eternally healed.

Bookworm had her sewing class on Tuesday....the girls made doll sleeping bags and a pillow that day.

That evening I went out and harvested some veggies. I had enough lettuce to make a big salad for dinner and then the zucchini I sauteed with garlic in olive oil.

Yesterday it was over 100 degrees so we hit the pool with friends.

Literally, hit the pool.

It was so refreshing to swim on such a hot day!

Later that afternoon I made homemade yogurt in my crock pot.

I was so pleased with how easy it was and look forward to breakfast smoothies with creamy yogurt.

And finally, just a couple of hours ago, the children captured this in our garage.

I have a whole blog post I am thinking to write about that adventure later.

Another week.....where I am reminded of the fragility of life, the joy of love, laughter, learning, adventure, and the hope of heaven.


  1. I wish our families lived closer together! I think your kids look very sweet and I know mine would enjoy having fun with them, as older friends :)

    I'm SO sorry to hear about your friend and for her family and the sorrow they must be feeling. I'm rejoicing though, that Heaven has been filled with another child of God. I'm glad for her, that she ran this race well and is now at peace with her Father.
    But I will remember to pray for her family, here.

    Love the pool pictures! The one of them jumping in the pool looks awesome! Also, the modest bathing suits are fabulous too. I've never been a fan of being mostly nude in public :)

  2. oh, also, will you post your recipe for making the crock pot yogurt?

  3. Stef, I wish we lived closer too! Thank you for your kind words and prayers for my friend's family.

    Having modest swimwear can be challenging and sometimes our family sticks out like sore thumbs at the pool. I am super thankful that we have like-minded friends that think the same way. :-)

    And I will post the link for that was so easy!

  4. Congratulations on the yogurt! It is pretty exciting to be able to do it, isn't it? Yours looks thicker than mine. Did you do anything differently?

    This was a really lovely post, Charlotte. The beauty and sadness and joy of life - all in one. Life. God be praised.

    Love you and I so enjoyed the time together yesterday and the great conversation.


  5. Kate, I am so thankful you are my friend.

    I actually drained the whey off of the was a little more time consuming and it did get pretty thick so I might do it differently next time. It is so yummy!

  6. I am exceedingly jealous of your yogurt. :D Although I did drain mine and get ricotta cheese out of it so it wasn't a total loss. LOL

    LOVE the picture of S and the girls. So sweet.

    Cute pool pics!

    Love the alligator too (I know, shocking, huh?! LOL)

  7. The lizard actually got loose in the house...I took pics and will post about it next week.

    And the yogurt thing is weird....I thought for sure mine wouldn't come out. I'm not sure why yours did you think using 2% instead of whole made a difference?

    I'm ready for a surprise tomorrow, how about you? :-)

  8. Clarifying: The lizard WAS loose, he got caught and then escaped outside. Just that you would want to know. :-)

  9. Totally excited about a surprise for something somewhere somehow. :D


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