Monday Musings

What I'm thinking: About the dentist. I can't tell if this was a crazy decision I made or smart one, but all six of us are going in for our cleanings in three days. I guess we'll get to know the receptionist pretty well...

What I'm reading: I divide the blogs I read into 5 groups and read one group a day (that way I don't spend too much time on the computer), and this morning 3 of the blogs I read were doing something called 10 on 10....on the 10th of the month you take a photo an hour...for 10 hours or so.... just a snapshot of your day. Hmmm, maybe I'll start that in July....

What I'm listening to: Piano lessons and mumbling upstairs. The dishwasher is also humming since I forgot to start it last night.

What we're learning: We are going to squeeze a few school days in this week; we'll be mainly working on math, grammar, reading and writing. Bookworm is starting her summer sewing class that is being taught by a young lady in our church, and we are going to a nearby county fair with friends another day.

What I'm watching: The cupboards getting bare. On top of a day at the fair and dental appointments, I have my monthly shopping this week. I still need to sit down and get my meals planned and lists made.

What's cooking: Tonight I am experimenting with a Cumin-Pepper Curry recipe. I am tweaking it to make it vegetarian....we'll see how it turns out.

What I'm buying: There are all sorts of little things I need to remember to buy this week....we are out of salt, the crayon box has all broken pieces in it, we ran out of carpet spot cleaner, and I think we are on our last bar of soap in the bathtub.

What I'm thankful for: I am so thankful for good friends. We had such a lovely time visiting with our old friends whom I briefly describe here; the time was just too short with them.

What I'm creating: Sometimes I have trouble filling this line in so I get a little creative....Today I am creating a found library book. Or to say it better, today we are finding a lost library book. And notice I didn't say we were just going to look for it, I said we are finding it. Enough said.

What I'm praying: For my friend with is looking like she will be meeting our Savior sooner than we would like. But in all things, even during the trials and teary times, the mercies of God are evident and the glory is His.

What I'm planning: I am trying to think ahead for next year and am beginning to plan out some of my lessons for co-op. The plan is that I will work on bits and pieces through the summer and then the school year will be smoother. That's the plan....

What we did this last weekend: We had such a good time with our friends. We took walks, watched the kids play Nation Ball in the street, ate yummy food and had such encouraging fellowship. Sunday we were at church, then went to a friends house for a BBQ.

What I'm looking forward to: I am looking forward to the day after my dental cleaning, and then to the day we will be at another fair with friends. Saturday we are going to a wedding in our church...I love weddings....

A picture to share:

~Our good friends, the G's.....Along with 2 children we were watching and a neighborhood child that was playing with them in the street. :-)


  1. Hope all your dentist appointments went well! And so glad you got to see the G's - that must have been so nice for all of you to get together!


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