Our Co-op Year

I am so grateful to have been in our co-op, Matres Magistras this year. Matres Magistras, or MM, means Mother-Teacher in Latin, which is exactly what we are. We had 4 families participate this year, with a fifth family joining us on the 4th week of every month.

We continued with the same kind of schedule we had last year and would begin each co-op meeting with Prayer and Circle Time. Each mom took one component and taught through the year.

Mrs. JP taught the memorization portion and we learned Psalm 51, a Thanksgiving poem and the Nicene Creed through the year.

Mrs. D taught again on composers. We studied Beethoven, Vivaldi and Chopin and listened to pieces they had written and learned more about their lives.

Mrs. DP  led us in weekly nature studies. We learned about the Grizzle Bear, California Poppy, Dandelions, the Grey Whale and much more. Here the children are watching a short video about pine cones.

Mrs. K did an artist study each month and we learned more about Wyeth, Durer, and Ayres.

And I taught a weekly hymn study, going through "Eternal Father Strong to Save", "O For A Thousand", "The Lord's My Shepherd" and "When I Survey".

Every month that we had our art history class we would also do an art project. Here some of the girlies are working outside.

This month we had made watercolor butterflies out of coffee filters.

The second part of our co-op time was focused on California history. We split the co-op into two groups, the olders and the youngers, and worked our way through history with each mom taking a turn teaching each of the groups. We started with the Indians and went through Spanish exploration, missions, Gold Rush, Unionization and modern times.

Here the olders are taking notes and learning more about the missions with Mrs. D.

And Mrs JP is helping the younger ones read and draw pictures about missions.

We also did crafts to go along with our history lesson. Here is Dasher, making her adobe house.

The finished masterpiece.

 To supplement our learning, we did go on some field trips. At the beginning of the year, we visited an Indian village and went on a tour.

And no year of California history study would be complete without a visit to Sutter's Mill. We chose to go during living history days which made the experience really fun.

Later in the year we visited a fish hatchery, and got to feed the trout.

This month we went to the zoo, and enjoyed seeing the amazing animals God has created.

And then this last week, we had our end of the year BBQ.

Here are the students...

and the Teachers.

There was a time when I thought I could do it all myself; that I was the best teacher for my children. Well I still think I know my children the best, and should do most of the teaching decisions and their instruction. But God has given us many different talents and gifts, and has brought wonderful homeschooling families into our lives. And through the last couple years in this co-op I and my children have been very blessed to teach and be taught by these wonderful ladies. Thank you all for a wonderful year and may God have all the glory. Onto our 2011-2012 MM year!


  1. You guys have been quite busy this year already!! This class looks not only fun and super educational for your kids, but so nice for you to have these other ladies/moms alongside you, to help and encourage each other.
    My goal for 2011/2012 is to get more acquainted with other homeschooling families {close by} that we can do this sort of thing with.
    Thanks for posting this stuff! Its encouraging for sure :)

  2. Looks like you were blessed with a wonderful group and a wonderful year! And I love seeing pics of Mrs. JP teaching - so cute! :)


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